Yearly Horoscope Predictions : 2017


This prediction reflects the general trend expected for all Leo born people.

This year will be a better year for them than the past year 2016 had been. 

The good things expected to happen during this year are mentioned below, but instead, if you begin to feel the things similar to the subsequently noted undesirable effects, that means there are some melfic influences of planets specific to your horoscope, obstructing beneficial outcomes.  In that case you should better check your horoscope with a help of a trusted astrologer known to your family or friends and find out what remedies needed to be done to rectify  the problem.

If you do not know what is your birth Sign (Lagna) according to Vedic Astrology. Then please visit here to calculate it yourself. http://jyotisha.00it.com/bhava.htm

Income and properties 

Jupiter transiting the 2nd house is a good period, your salary or income other activities may increase. This is a good period to buy new properties, start new ventures or business activities or to apply for promotions. Will get a chance to learn new things or innovative ideas. Good and peaceful period at home front. Comforts at home and gain of new relatives or friends helpful to you. Problems in relation to residence will settle with permanent footing. Opportunities will come up for romantic liaisons with attractive people of opposite sex. Happy times with the family, but relations with the partners or spouse can get estranged due to hastiness or quick anger which could tarnish your image and give you a bad name and rob your peace of mind or have to undertake tiresome long and lonely travels at night


Domestic Environment

Comfortable time when compared to last year. Will have parties of functions at home  and entertain guests. Good food and entertainments. May meet friends and relatives whom you haven't met for a long time. Trips to places of worship. Pleasure trips, new additions to family, new positions or new relationships are also a possibility during this period. Will acquire money, domestic happiness, and gain of wealth and commodities. Defeat of enemies, occasions like marriage, birth of a child, new position and status can be expected


A good period in regard to health 

Lucky Dates

Sunday, Tuesday , Wednesday, Friday

Lucky Color

Red, Orange

Lucky Number


Lucky Gem



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