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P.S. (18) 2/1/2004 The significance of the list:  Click here

The possible hit list


For the benefit of those who can not read Sinhalese: 
(Wrote on 1/1/2004, then later added images copied from the original site on 2/1/2004)

The original link : http://www.shamika.50g.com/somathero/materials/yohowa.html 

Image 1:   Click to Enlarge the Image

01.jpg (135076 bytes)

The document, in the address part top left, says "Yohowas Witness" (  A Fundamental Religious group ) and its address. Then below the address says with in brackets ,Buddhist Conflict, next line says Kingdom of God Scheme and after that within brackets says that it is the Sinhalese Language copy of a document in some other language (Probably English or Tamil)  

Just below the address part in itemized section it identifies the name of the Scheme, person incharge, objects and and funding sources, the time allocated , areas of operation etc. (Possibaly taken from a meeting minutes or  from a  proposal and seems to be well planned)  

Item no 11 identifies, against whom this is directed and 10 names are mentioned under 4 categories and the Name of "Gangodawila Soma Thero" appears in the Category 4 as the second name ,the first one is Ellawala Medhananda 

{Observation : What does each categories mean ? Since now "Gangodawila Soma Thero" is dead under somewhat mysterious circumstances ? }

It tem no. 12 identifies the possible ways of achieving the goal such as selecting people who believes on Kingdom of God for the purpose and close observation and collection of intelligence in regard to the persons identified under Item no 11 etc. 

The very bottom of the first image again mentions the names given under Item no. 11 category 1st and indicates how much money is allocated in Rupees (2400000.00)


03.jpg (94932 bytes)

The second image probably a a payment summery in column form showing  like in a ledger.

The heading says "The study of Buddhist Conflict" ,Sinhalese Copy ,  and the period is for the 15 days of  2003.4.1 to 2003. 4.15

In the first column it identifies who did the liaison, to whom the money actually went, the venue money was paid, the reason for payment,  how much is paid for whom and mentions purposes such as collection of intelligence etc. It looks like the highest amounts were paid for the collection of intelligence  (items 7.11, 14 and 15) other payments are for compiling, preparation of reports and transport and traveling


04.jpg (81974 bytes)

The third image is a payment voucher for 25000.00 Rupees, approved by a person called Kenneth Dasanayake from Yohowas Witness a number of other signatures also appears there. The receivers name is Sunil Dayarathna and in the body of the voucher the service rendered is mentioned as the provision of information in relations to somebody whose name is also mentioned in the voucher.

P.S. (18) 2/1/2004 The significance of the above list: 

The biggest problem will be for India.... Read below to know how

A few words before it:

Some already accused me, that I am Blogging ( A new term meaning people who post their thought on the web). Have I ever asked or sent emails to anyone asking to  visit my site ?. No ! Never !! I do not even mind even if there is not a single visitor to this site. Frankly I do not care at all. But if you want to come and browse then you are welcome. If you are not happy then there are millions of other sites and only one click is needed to find those

If you ever visited London, you will see at Hyde Park people express their views freely in public. As long as you do not offend others it is Ok. It is a democratic right we treasure. Same is the Freedom of believing a religion.Every body has the right to it. 

As same as in public speaking it has its accepted limitations in the society. You can enlighten some one only if the other person is genuinely interested and come asking for it. 

The limits of democracy we treasure

Your belief of a religious idea should not mean that you can go uninvited and knock the door of someone's house and say to that person that you bring the good news of  that his or her religion is wrong and yours is absolutely correct, or use money as a bribe to attract people.  No need to say that, It is completely against any religion or civilized society to conspirate against others of different faiths. 

That is undemocratic and it is religious terrorism. What ever the name they use for it whether Yohowah, Allah, Shiva, Jesus or Buddha these are none but an another brand of fanatic terrorists who bring bad news and not the good news. With whom the truly religious people of the above faiths have nothing to do with. 

The most resent examples of their terrorist acts are Bali Bombings, World Trade Centre tragedy, Wacho deaths of David Koresh and Shoko Asaharas killings of innocent.

The Significance:

First I was a little bit reluctant to write this, as I am just a librarian who maintains an Astrology website for a hobby and I am not a Geo-political  or a Defense analyst, one thing I am also not, that is a fool. Hence I am surprised that every body seems to be sleeping while the trouble brews. I think the authorities must take this document seriously and investigate it as it first came to light on the inquest of the death of Ven. Soma

It is easy to awaken a person who is sleep, but harder to awake a person who pretends to sleep, it looks more like that the Authorities of Sri Lankan government is falling under the second group.

But as people do not seems to understand the importance of the above document which is most probably genuine, I Will write my view and the significance of this in relation to Sri Lanka, India and the countries or the region including Australia.

First of all, if genuine, then this is a document of utmost important to Sri Lanka because it shows that there is a plan for the establishment of a fundamentalist/terrorist government in the country or in a part of the country already weakened by the ethnic conflict. According to reports, it is the Hindus of the Northern Sri Lanka are the easy target, since doing the same was difficult in the South, those plans seems to have been hatched to silence those who were potential opponents. 

Wise leaders in the region (as I do not know whether there is any one in Sri Lanka) must understand the emergence of one fundamentalist religious terrorist group and silencing of moderate people can easily lead to an emergence of an another and another of such extremist groups such as Jihad. 

It is a threat to the stability of the region, that is why wise leaders of Australia used their diplomatic might and sent their own police to work with Indonesian Police to investigate the Bali incident. though a bit far away, any repercussion of an extremist religious government in the whole or a part of Sri Lanka can well pose a security threat even as far as Australia too. Thanks to good leaders Australia definitely will be a very powerful nation in the region in near future. 

The biggest problem will be for India already besieged by unfriendly neighbors from every direction except from the direction of Sri Lanka. India then will be surrounded by the states whose only intention is to see that India is broken in to pieces, destruction of India, it's culture and associated belief system. 

No body should forget that Both India and Pakistan (And also China) posses Nuclear capabilities, weaker India is deadly for every one concerned. Weaker Sri Lanka can easily lead to a weaker India. So seeing that India being powerful, coherent, has control over its territory, moderate, democratic and benign should be the genuine wish of all.   

Therefore it should be the paramount of importance to the every government of the region, to make genuine (and I mean genuine and not under hand dealings like saying one and doing opposite, remember that Indian P.M. Rajiev Ghandhi and SL President Premadasa had to pay from their life for such mistakes) effort, to bring peace and harmony while protecting the democratic and religious rites of Tamils, Sinhalese ,Muslims and every body also to protect the integrity of the country and it's ability have the full control over the total area of land mass.  

Otherwise any extremists groups religious or ethnic is bad news to every body and every country

Therefore if some body who knows those leaders of said countries sees this, it is wise in his or her part to show this letter to them so that they too will understand the gravity of the situation.