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Page Title:   Hinduism and Vedic religions

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Muktheashvaraya paladaya Ganeshvaraya
GeetaPriyaya Vrushabhesh|vara Vahanaya
Mathanga Charmamasanaya  Maheshvaraya..

Om Namah Shivaya

The Bhagavat Geetha literally "The song of the Lord", occurs in the Bheeshma parva section of the MahAbhAratha. 


The scene upon which the discourse is set, is a philosophically ideal one where man is forced to confront the ultimate questions of life. The righteous Pandavas and their evil cousins the Kauravas, of the race of the Kuru, face each other in the battle field. There Lord Krishna advices Arjuna on the true purpose of life. 

Lord Krishna says that  the liberation from the cycle of birth and death and the paths leading to it is achieved through the process/way of works (karma yoga) and process of devotion (bhakti yoga) placed alongside the way of knowledge (jnaana yoga) .

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Page Title: Hinduism and vedic religions


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The crown jewels of the vedic era was the emergence of two great religious philosophies , Buddhism and Hinduism. Both philosophies are based on the theory of Karma with the ultimate aim of ending the recurring cycle of life and death.

Namo Buddhaya

It is more than two millennium and a half now since the great teacher and  a prince by birth, but later known as the "Buddha" walked the ancient land of India. Even today Billions of people all over the world Buddhists and non Buddhists alike accept Buddha's teachings in their life. And there is no doubt that Buddha is one of the greatest sons India has ever produced.

But it is a great pity to see that many Indians know next to nothing about Lord Buddha, his life or the teachings. 

It is as shameful as to say that, "I am a proud Indian, but I know nothing about Mahatma Gandhi". Specially for a Hindu to be so ignorant of Buddha. In that case you are neither a Hindu not an Indian but an Alien.






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