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Your Lucky Lotto Numbers for today


Lakshmi, is  the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Chant her mantra to be rich, for promotion in job, for success and personal virtues. The mantra will help you to bring good luck and fortune.


Chant the mantra at least 21 times with sincerity and devotion and ask the blessings of Goddes Sri Lakshmi  and who ever the god or godess you have faith. Then click "Pick my Lucky Numbers Button"

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How common is problem gambling?

The latest research suggests that about one per cent of the population has a gambling problem. In some groups, such as young men and people who have grown up with parents who had a problem with gambling, it is even more common for gambling to be a problem.

Do not gamble your life away !


Signs of a problem

By the time gambling has become a problem it has often impacted on several areas of a person's life. Signs of a problem can include:

  • Increasing levels of debt
  • Struggling to pay bills on time
  • Lying to friends and family
  • Feeling more moody, irritable or angry
  • Missing work or having trouble concentrating at work
  • Prioritising spending time and money on gambling rather than spending time with friends
  • Thinking that continued gambling will fix financial problems
  • Feeling like the gambling has taken over

Next steps

If you feel that gambling is creating issues, you could:

  • Talk to someone you are close to. It's often helpful to speak to someone who knows you well, as they might have a different perspective on the issue
  • Get a sense of how much time and money you are spending on gambling
  • Complete the self assessment to determine the risk your gambling poses
  • Find out more about how problems develop
  • Think about how you can regain control

Enlist some professional support. Talking to a counsellor may help you to explore your options and work out what you want to do. There are a range of services and different types of help available and it is important to find out what will work best for you



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