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Your Book of life 
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 The book is the mother of  all Genuine Vedic Astrological readings about you. The Rolls Royce of the category.

A one reading for a life time.

This is not some carelessly scribbled few dirty pieces of papers written in a hurry, but an accurately  and carefully prepared book about you. A reading fit for a king or queen.

Book contains  approx. 20 -30 pages, need a few days to write manually and I am not rich enough to do it as a  free offer, but once done, there are no parallels.  Reading starts from the previous life, covering your recent past, and moving forward to detail your present situation and going in to future giving year by year detailed predictions for what you can expect up to 10 -12 years in to the future. The reading  includes the simple remedies to bring good fortune and success for you. 

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Giving a Name to the Child in line with Astrology

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Naming a human being is the most important event in that person's life as it is this name that will help mould his/her  future. It is also  the only thing that remains once a person is dead. 

A name is the best gift parents could give their children. 

If parents believe in naming the child as they wish, they should not give names  that have bad meanings. For example, Viranga (which means the male sex organs) or Ayoni (which means women without a reproductive system).

When Giving a name to a new born child you need to find the auspicious sounding starting letters for the name. It is believed when such an auspicious sounding name is constantly repeated over the years to come, it will act as a "Manthra" which will bring good luck for the child.

There are three ways of finding letters. The crudest way is according to the Day, It is like giving the name "Chandra" to all the babies born on Mondays.

For the second and third methods you need to cast the horoscope of the child and find out the "Lagna" (Rising Sign) and the "Janma Nakshtra" (Position of the Moon) of the child from the horoscope.

The letters compatible with the "Lagna" are considered the best. Then the second best are the letters the letters according to "Janma Nakshtra". The third preference is the letters according to the Day.

Step by step guide  
ow to find letters for the naming of a new  born baby.

Over the past period many people from various countries had contacted me asking help on finding letters suitable for new born babies. Some countries impose strict time frames over the registration of births. Because of that, the letters had to be found as soon as possible. (It  is amazing to know how keen some people are in finding suitable letters for names even for their pet animals. Once, I was contacted by the staff members of an American zoo, asking for auspicious letters, suitable for the naming of a new born baby elephant according to it's time of birth. Which, I first thought is a joke. But found out that they were very serious about it. !)  

Therefore, I thought that it is a good idea to provide in this page, using the already available resources in this site, a step by step guide how to find suitable letters for naming a new born child, in line with the genuine Vedic astrological principles, with out having to consult myself or any other astrologer. 

Step 1: 

We need to find out the Lagna. 

Please click here to visit the page  Follow the instructions there carefully regarding, how to find and then enter the geographic coordinates of the place of birth, Date, time zone and Daylight saving time information. Press the calculate button. The page will then calculate the Lagna and a one page reading will appear on the screen. On the very top of the reading,  Lagna or the Birth Sign will be given. (See the Picture below).

Now, without having to use any  Ephemeris and without casting the horoscope, You have calculated the Lagna of the Baby. Use the following table to find the suitable letters according to the Lagna.



Aries (Mesha) A (a, as in arise), Aa (Aa, as in Arnold), Sha (Sha, as in shape)
Taurus (Vrushaba) E ( as in Engine ex. Ingrid), Ee (as in East) Uu (as in Oum) Sha (as in shut ex. Shane) 
Gemini (Mithuna) Uu (Uu as in Usha), Sa (Sa as in Sun)
Cancer (Kataka) Ga (as in Garfield) Ea (as in Edna) S ( as in Samantha)
Simha  (Leo) O (as in Oliver) La (as in Lyle)
Virgo (Kanya) A (A as in Ann or Anjala)
Libra (Tula) Ka (Ca as in Carl), Ga (Ga as in Galina) Da (Da as in Dudly)
Scorpio (Vurshika) Cha (as in Charls) Jha (as in John) Jha (as in Justin)
Sagittarius (Dhanu) Ta (as in Tom) Dha (as in Dunstan) Nha (as in Nina)
Capricorn (Makara) Tha (as Thamara) Dha (as in Dharma) Na (na as in Natasha)
Aquarius (Kumbha) Pha (as in Phalitha) Bha (Bill) Ma (Margret)
Pisces (Meena) Ya (as in Yankee) Ra (as in Ramon) La (as in Lara) Va (Valya)

Suppose you do not like the letters you got there or you can not find a suitable name in line with the letters you got. then you need to get the second  set of letters.

Here is how to do it:

Step 2:

Click here to visit the page Enter the birth details again and press calculate button.

On the left bottom, a new yellow coloured result form will appear:  (See the picture below). Find the "Janma Nakshtra" from it

Use the table below to find the alternative second set of letters according to the "Janma Nakshtra" (Position of Moon).

Janma Nakshtra is:


Ashwini Chu, Che, Cho, La
Bharani Lee, Lu,  Le, Lo
Krittika A, E, U, Ea
Rohini O, Va, Vi, Vu
Mrigashira We Wo, Ka, Ki
Ardra Ku, Gha, Dha, Jha
Punarvasu Ke, Ko, Ha, Hi,
Pushya Hu, He, Ho, Da
Ashlesha De, Du, De, Do
Magha Ma, Me, Mu, Me
Purva Phalguni Mo, Ta, Ti, Tu
Uttara Phalguni Te, To, Pa, Pe
Hasta Phu, Sha, Na, Teha
Chitra Pe, Po, Ra, Re
Swati Ru, Re, Ro, Taa
Vishakha Tee, Tue, Teaa Too
Anuradha Na, Ne, Nu, Ne
Jyeshtha No, Ya Yi, Uu
Mula Ye, Yo, Ba, Be
Purva Shadya Bu, Dha, Ea Eaa
Uttara Shadya Be, Bo, Ja, Ji
Shravana Ju, Je, Jo, Sha
Dhanishtha Ga, Gi, Gu, Ge
Shatbisha Go, Sa, Si, Su
Purva Bhadrapada Se, So, Da, Di
Uttara Bhadrapada Du,
Revat De, Do, Cha, Chi

Step 3:

Suppose you still could not find a choice of  letters  for your liking, then you can select a letter according to the Day from the following table as the third option.

Day of the week


Sunday A, Aa, Ie, Iee, Uu, Ee EEe, O, Oo
Monday Ya, Ra, La, Va, Sha, Shha, Sa, Ha, Le
Tuesday Ka, Kha, Ga, Gha, Gna
Wednesday Ta, Tha, Da, Dha, Nha
Thursday Ta, Tha, Da, Dha, Nha
Friday Cha, Jha, Jhe, Kna, Hna
Saturday Pa, Pha, Ba, Bha, Ma


Now you need to find a name for the baby:

A collection of Sinhalese Names  are available at

A Collection of 6000 English Names are here

A large collection of Names of Different Cultures are here Pick your choice.

Populer Baby names of USA are here


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This is my personnel web site. I maintain this site because,  both Hindu Astrology and web design are  my hobbies for many years and wish to share my interest with you. Like myself, have you ever looked at your life in a different angle ?. Why good or bad things happen to us ?. Is it pure coincidence, or is there at least a certain bit of a predictable pattern ?.

Spend a few minutes with me here and experiment with the free readings to find it out yourself. I assure you this is genuine Astrology of East.

This site is one of the very first Hindu Astrology websites appeared in the Net and now more that 10 years old. To See how this web site looked ten years ago. Go to Wayback Machine

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Life is a journey. Horoscope is the map. So why do not you read the map ?. It is always better to know what lies ahead and what will happen to, your health, wealth and relationships in the coming years. If you are not a believer, then give it a try just for the fun of it at least. Then you can judge for yourself. I assure you that, with my help, you can discover your Destiny.

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