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Given the harsh conditions of life in the region, nobody wants the additional burden of a bad luck.. 






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Auspicious times For Sri Lanka

2020 New Year Auspicious Times

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සිංහල අවුරුදු නැකත් ලිත


Auspicious Dates  or Magul Nakath days from now to  - 2040  click here

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Astrology Free readingHoroscope - Year 2019 Predictions

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Rahu Kala


Auspicious Days
up to  2040

Due to  health reasons and lack of free time and also the lack of desire to participate in the Nakath Times publishing competition or the apparent  dog fight  happening among the people who have no clues about what they are doing. 

And subsequently answer to the questions from people every time they phone and to explain again and again why that paper says this and I am saying this, what is correct and what is not. It is a hassle for me which I do not want in my life, as  I keep my life very simple.

Because of that, the Auspicious times for other Countries and Cities
Such as New York, London, Montreal, Singapore, Melbourne, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Rome, Sydney, Canberra, Christchurch etc 
are not published this year

Sorry for that ...

But  I will teach you here,

If you have a few minutes to read this page then  you can do it your self

If you want to find it out yourself ,  like at what time is the dawn of new year (Sankranthi Time) in relation to your location, when the punyakala starts and ends etc ..then please read below tutorial:

First you need to understand :

What is the Dawn of New year ?

It is the transit of  Sun, (a celestial body) from Pisces constellation to Aries constellation..

Now I will ask a Question from you, It is this: Suppose you go and stand in a few different spots in the globe, say New York or Melbourne or Moscow or even at Timbuktu on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. By doing that, can you influence or change the movement of Sun from Pisces to Aries ?

No, you are insignificant, a speck of cosmic dust, when compared to sun. Without you, sun had for billions of years moved, and will move for billions of more years to come.

It means that, there is no correlation between your position in the globe, and the transit of sun among constellations or the groups of stars.

In other words, the transit  of Sun does not depend on the (is independent) of your location in the world  and this transit  occurs at one moment  all over  the world. ( But auspicious times or Subha muhurthas are different, auspicious times depend on your position in the globe)

Since the  transit of  Sun from Pisces to Aries does not depend on the location in the world and occurs at same moment every where,  you can use the  below given example and the resources to find out the Sankranthi time or the dawn of New year. (For any place in the world for this year as well as any year to come in the future provided that you know the sankrathi time for Sri Lanka)


Please note , this was written in 2014 not 2015 or 2019 -


Now , How to calculate Sankranthi time : Example for Melbourne for year 2014

A. Go to time converter Click here to visit it

B. Click Radio button  called -  Use following Date and time

C. Change the Date: to : April 14th  2014 and Time: to 7:37 (For year 2014, for Future years change accordingly)

D. Select From Time Zone: Sri Lanka - Asia/Colombo

E: Select To Time Zone:Australia- Australia /Melbourne

F : Press Convert time Now Button - You found the Answer - It is 12:07 pm

Punya Kalaya is :   ( 5:43 am) to (6:31:pm)  = (12:07pm - 6:24) to (12:07pm+ 6:24 )

The Portion :(12:07pm+ 6:24 ) is called "Punyakalaye aparakotasa" - And during this period you do the Charithras or customs like "Ahara Piseema, Ganudenu Kireema and Weda Eleema.

For these charithras or the customs  you need Auspicious times to be calculated according to your location . As these auspicious times vary depending on your locality.

Frequently asked Questions:

What can we do for Auspicious times like Wada Alleema / Ganudenu Kireema ect?

Earlier I used to calculate all auspicious times individually for different countries and cities. It is time consuming and Now I can not, my free times and hence my health is important to me .

My suggestion to you is : Once you calculate Sankranthi (Aurudu Udawa) time for your location, also calculate the Rahu here  For Example this year (2014) Aurudu Udawa for Sri Lanka falls on Rahu Kala. So skip the Rahu kala and Do the Auspicious activities like Ahara piseema and Ganudenu kireema. (And better if you can do it  at a time closer to  the times suggested for Sri Lanka, provided that it does not fall within the Rahukala times you had calculated for your city. )

Following is an example how to use it :  See below This example is for Melbourne but you can find out Sankranthi time for Any city in the globe  just change  the step E: above  to your city in the world

New year 2014 is dawning at 7:37 am on 14th April 2014 at Colombo time .

What time it is in Melbourne ?

Below is how to fill the form and the answer ( Answer is  is 12:07 pm)

What is the punyakala?

Puniyakala starts 6hours and 24 minutes  before Sankranthi time and finishes after 6 hours and 24 minutes after Sankranthi time 


Punyakala Starts at: {12:07- 6:24 }  = 5:43 Am

Punyakala Ends at  {12:07 + 6:24} = 6:31 pm - for Melbourne for  14th Apr. 2014

Thus you can calculate that too..

When is Rahu Kala ?

To find out when is Rahu Kala for different cities for that date click here

Happy New Year

Below is the example how to fill it



Sinhala Aluth Avurudu Nakath - Some clarifications

Frequently asked Question (FAQ): I was checking the auspicious times for Sinhala new year in your website and a news paper published in Melbourne.They show completely different times. I just wonder what is correct and what is wrong?

Answer :  (written in 2013)

Why this web site is here

This web site it self, is more than 12 years old now. And I live in Melbourne for the past 22 years. At that time (even 12years ago) there were no Sinhala news papers in Melbourne. Not even the oldest one which is "Pahana" News paper. (started by Mr. Varuna Savinda and Mr. Jagath Edirisinghe. Now managed by some one else.) This year (2013) I saw such newspaper had published two different Nakath Times by two people in the same page. These papers publish it because they have commercial interests. If they do not publish what ever the advertisers send then they loose their income.  

This web site is not an income generating one. I do not sell any thing here. NO Lakshmi Dhupas,  NO Yantras, NO Mantras, NO Japamalas, NO Fenshui items, NO Lucky Charms, NO Get rich Quick secrets, NO Washee Karmas or Gurukams are sold. You will not see any payment buttons or PAID advertisements in this site.

This site still looks as I designed it 12 years ago and unlike now, those days, very few people knew even how to make a website. Every thing in this web site is done by me. There are some pages in this website which interacts with you, like, greeting, answering your questions, doing calculations ect. Even with today's technology, making an Informative and also interactive website like this is not a easy task for a single person, since he needs to know astrology as  well as programming and web designing. I did it as a service using my knowledge in astrology and the computer programming.

I never had a commercial interest or a desire to establish myself as the Famous Astrologer in Melbourne. If I wanted to, I could have become a world famous astrologer, not only an astrologer in Melbourne. I made this web site because there were no Sri Lankan or Indian astrology websites at that time. I am happy as I am now. I do a day job and thank god, earn enough money to live comfortably. All I want is to live happily for another few more years and die. Life is short. Time is precious. Happiness is important, Running after superficial things is waste of time. 

So I value my time, and believe in honest work. If you do a honest job according to best of the ability sooner or later your efforts will be appreciated, if not, that also does not matter. I am happy as I did my best and enjoyed my work. I am not after any Dr.. title or a JP title or anything such. I have a Science Degree which I got by honest hard studies in 5 and half years in the Uni that is enough education and title for me. (Even that title I do not use..)

For Whom these Auspicious times are:

At that time, I mean about 10 -15 years ago, when people I know, wanted to learn the New Year Auspicious times for Melbourne and other cities they phoned me. Since I was inundated with calls, as a solution to that, I calculated and posted Auspicious times in my web site for the benefit of people who trust my advices and abilities. So these are the times I give for people I know. They know who I am and I have nothing to prove or explain.

The reason why there are no uniform auspicious times: History of it and solution for that, in relation to Sri Lanka

When talking about New year auspicious times, there is no consensus among astrologers about it. Some years ago different News papers, and "Panchanga Lithas" in Sri Lanka were publishing different New year Auspicious times for Sri Lanka itself.

And people were confused. Because of that ,Sri Lankan government  had to intervene and had to establish "Aurudu Nakath Committee". So every body published one set of Auspicious times for Sri Lanka.

Unfortunately for Melbourne or any other city in the world "The Nakath committee" do not calculate or publish auspicious times". The auspicious times given by me are calculated by myself using the sun rise and set times and the time zone given in the table here that is my basis of calculations and done according my best of ability and knowledge. Hence I believe these are the best auspicious times. You are free to use it if you trust me . If not, you can use the times published in different news papers by different other people. I can not answer for the works of other people and tell you how did they calculate their auspicious times on what basis. So if you are asking me why they had published different times ? ... I do not know...I can not answer for their work.. Nor I do not want to criticize or analyze other peoples work. I am beyond that stage of life.. They may have done it according to their best of knowledge too.. I mind my work and I can only answer for my work which is the given auspicious times and they are correct according to my belief. You are free to either accept it or reject it. I did it as a service.



Unique in this site

What is the full life reading. (Summary)
It is an individually focused well written document. You can not get this reading from any other place. Cost of preparation is 78US$ and  the reading contains the following

 Starts with describing how do you look like or your physical features, mental tendencies and personality. (around. 4 - 6 pages)
Then the reading will describe the  important happenings in your life and will go in to details of the finer points and features. Such as the areas of learning you are good at, your talents, the areas of occupation you can easily be successful, your likes and dislikes, your marriage, your relationship with your family and children and many other details of your life as whole. (around 6-10 pages including charts). Then  the reading covers the periods of your life. Your past, present and the future. What happened and when ? And what things will be happening in the future and when ?. How was last 2 years. How is this year ? ( your income and properties, work and employment, family and home life, education and health) What will be happening ( in detail ) for the next 5 to10 years. What are your good times. What are the bad times. How to overcome the bad effects of planets and what are the inexpensive and simple remedies which will bring you good fortune. (around 5 - 7 pages). Finally, the details about Your health, finance, romance and marriage, ideal match, domestic environment, profession, lucky days, lucky numbers, lucky colours and lucky stones (around 1 -2 pages).




Astrologer and horoscope

Wish  you a happy New year !!!   

This is my personnel web site. I maintain this site because,  both Hindu Astrology and web design are  my hobbies for many years and wish to share my interest with you. Like myself, have you ever looked at your life in a different angle ?. Why good or bad things happen to us ?. Is it pure coincidence, or is there at least a certain bit of a predictable pattern ?.

Spend a few minutes with me here and experiment with the free readings to find it out yourself. I assure you this is genuine Astrology of East.

With Regards,
Lakshman Abeykoon M.Sc.
I am in Melbourne 


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