Given below was the report on the condition of Ven Soma.  Written by a Sri Lankan doctor practicing in Moscow with over 30 years experience on 06th Dec.2003. He traveled to Leningrad to check the condition of illness of Ven. Soma Thero 

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Dr. Karu's report  

                                             06.Dec.2003, Petersburg
Report on Soma Thero
Rev. Soma Thero has been suffering from diabetes mellitus type 2 for the last 10 years. When he came here about 2 months ago, before landing in Moscow he felt chest pains. With those pains he managed to fly further to St. Petersburg spending another 3 hours and then only the ambulance was called and he was rushed to the hospital. In the cardiology clinic in St. Petersburg doctors could place a stentor in one of the coronary arteries and to recover blood flow where it was totally absent. Then his diabetic therapy was converted into insulin. Now the glucose levels are fluctuating between 3.9 - 6.0 m.mole/1 litre. After treating him in the hospital, for rehabilitation therapy Thero was sent to a sanatorium where pineso therapy moler observation of a cardiologist and other specialists was done. For this period Soma Thero has improved a lot. He can walk a distance of about 500 meters without feeling any pains in the chest. Today he looks very cheerful.


But as any diabetic patients he has got diabetic angiopathy. One of the coronary arteries has stenosis with 3 atheroseborotic plaques in its lumen, according to the angiographic data. So the doctors have a dilemma whether to place 3 stentors in those 3 foci or to perform a bypass surgery. A consilium is planned on 8th of Dec. (Monday) to make the right decision.


According to Soma Thero he is not sure in this condition whether he can fly or not because last time he got chest pains in the air . I agree with him on this point, as the diabetic patients may feel chest pains whenever they get into conditions with low oxygen levels. As he is in the hands of well qualified cardiosurgeons now, there is no point to be worried about.


                                 Dr. Karunanayake