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How things happened  
Now for the ease of follow up Ven. Soma Thero Sudden death incident is divided  under the headings of:


The Beginning  

The rest of the happenings as they revealed 





Attempts for a Blood Bath 

Questions People ask

Punish those trouble makers !

A grim future ?

Inaction, Vultures waiting  ?


See The Reality 

Buy Soma


And the saga continues..........

All the later additions are now at the bottom of the page on date order


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What is AstrologyWhat is Astrology?

Is it Scientific ? 

Researching the Destiny of your Life....




 Back pRvw~ al......

@s`~m hQmQ apvw~ vR qQn@y~m un~vhn~@s~ aw~sn~ w#bR lQpQyk~ qy`vAX jy@k`dQt

pRj& gA@g`dvQl @s`~m hQmQp`Nn~ apvw~ vR @qs#m|br~ 12 sQkOr`q` eqQnm un~vhn~@s~ aw~sn~ w#bR bvk~ h#M@vn lQpQyk~ gYn~} pYk`Xk qy`vAX jy@k`dQ mhw`t l#bW a#w. e~ vn vQt @s`~m hQmQyn~ r#sQy`@v| pWtr~s~br~g~ nRvr @r`~hlk as`{& ww~w~v@yn~ yRwOv sQtQyqW @mm lQpQy l#bW a#w~@w~ un~vhn~@s~ vQsQn~ arBn lq "jnvQjy" sAvQ{`n@y~ lQpQ XWr~;yk lQyR lQpQyk~ vX@ynQ.

"jnvQjy" pRvw~p@w~ qEr#wO kl`p@y~ pL@k@rn q#n~-vWmk~ s[h` anRgYhy qk~vn @mn~ @s`~m hQmQyn~@g~ aw~snQn~ yRwO 12.12.2003 q` wmQn~ yRwO e~ lQpQy mgQn~ jy@k`dQ mhw`@gn~ il~lWmk~ @k`t a#w.

pRj& @s`~m hQmQyn~ ok~-@w`~br~ 12 q` r#sQy`v bl` v#dm kL bv @h`[Qn~ qn~n` wmn~t un~vhn~@s~@g~ aw~-snQn~ yRwO @mv#nQ lQpQyk~ l#bWm mhw~ g#tlEvk~ vR bvq jy@k`dQ mhw` "lk~bQm"t kWy.

jnvQjy kr~w^ sQsQr jy@s~kr mhw` @s`~m hQmQyn~ r#sQy`vt k#[v` g#nWmt ktyRwO kL X`n~wQ jy@s~kr @q~v g#wQwOmn~@g~ b`l @s`yRr`y.



Horoscope Predictions1. How things happened    written on 14/12/03 - for the rest of the story check P.S. links below written almost daily basis as things reveled

Horoscope Predictions2. Questions People Ask  A collection of questions and different view points

 Horoscope Predictions3 . Hit List I think the authorities must take this document seriously and investigate it as it first came to light on the inquest of the death of Ven. Soma




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