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Sri Lanka Public Holidays - 2003

The following are Public Holidays for the year 2003 as approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government under the Holidays Act.

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Date Day Holiday
 15 January  Wednesday  Thai Pongal Day
 17 January  Friday  Duruthu Poya Day
 04 February  Tuesday   National Day
 12 February  Wednesday  Hadji Festival
 16 February  Sunday  Nawam Poya Day
 01 March  Saturday  Mahasivarathri
 18 March  Tuesday  Medin Poya Day
 13 April  Sunday  Day prior to Sinhala/Tamil New Year
 14 April  Monday  Sinhala/Tamil New Year Day
 16 April  Wednesday  Bak Poya Day
 18 April  Friday  Good Friday
 01 May  Thursday  May Day
 14 May  Wednesday  Holy Prophet Mohamed's Birthday
 15 May  Thursday  Wesak Poya Day
 16 May  Friday  Day following Wesak Poya Day
 14 June  Saturday  Poson Poya Day
 13 July  Sunday  Esala Poya Day
 11 August  Monday  Nikini Poya Day
 10 September  Wednesday  Binara Poya Day
 09 October  Thursday  Vap Poya Day
 24 October  Friday  Deepavali
 08 November  Saturday  Il Poya Day
 26 November  Wednesday   Ramazan
 08 December  Monday  Unduvap Poya Day
 25 December  Thursday  Christmas Day


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