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Astrology the DifferenceHow to develop this country 

Soma Thero's Vision 



During early 1990's When Soma Thero was an ordinary monk, I was following my Post Graduate Diploma at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and lived at a rented house, which happened to be the next door to the Springvale temple. At that time , myself, Rev. Soma and Rev. Dhammagavasi, (Rajakeeya Panditha Ven. M. Dhammagavesi  Thero, current Chief Incumbent of Sydney Lankarama Vihara) all 3 of us, were new comers to Australia. 


As a result we developed a strong friendship. Seeing the Peace & prosperity of Australia which was also a former British colony, we often felt sorry for our country and frequently discussed, what went wrong and  what is good for the country and how it should be developed . 


Because we were casually talking, arguing etc. I can not say like a reporter this is exactly 100% word for word the Soma Theros idea . Also I never thought I will ever publish it like this. Politics was the very last thing we had in mind. But roughly the below article I wrote covering  what we collectively  thought as the best at that time. So it is his vision too.


Soon it will be 3 months since he left us. May he attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana


Lakshman Abeykoon M.Sc.

How to develop this country 




Past and present:


Now it is more than half a century passed since the independence.


A country which could have easily rivaled Japan or Singapore has fallen in to the level of one of the poorest countries in the world.  


A country at ancient times, was called as the "Dharmadweepa" or the country of righteousness, where the majority are Buddhists, the most none violent religion in the world, had become the country of murderers, rapists, thugs and ruthless terrorists. A country full of deadly weapons. 


In fact, Sri Lanka has become a country of fools, one of their misconceptions is, that the parliamentary election is a contest for the selection of the biggest and the meanest thug in the area.  


Such foolishness had led this country to become an island of demons, where every thing is measured by the amount of money one has or the size of the gang of thugs he can muster. the people with good qualities but no money is disrespected and has no place in the society. 


This is a  country overflowing with hate and ill will cultivated and natured by power hungry few which poisoned the people.


A country, where one citizen try to kill the other just because he belongs to a different party or speaks a different language at home. 


A country which exports terror to other countries and cause for their destabilization, a breeding ground for suicide bombers and contract killers.    


This was the development we achieved during past 56 years. 


All this happened because of the reason that the highest office in the country, the parliament had been allowed to become a Rest House for Thugs and idiots. Whose favorite pastime is avoiding the responsibility and blaming the previous governments (which usually they were a part) for all the problems and pulling the wool over the eyes of idiot voters.


What is this all about:


This is the desperate attempt of the righteous people of this country who never imagined that they will enter in to politics, who does not have blood in their hands, trying to bring some kind of a sanity with the help of the clergy. As a none politically affiliated group having some sort of organizational structure with the ability to withstand the onslaught of organized offensive of  criminal politicians, A number of highly respected Buddhist priests came forward risking their lives for the shake of country and the people.


This is not a contest for a group of Buddhists to win over other parties or religions. But this is basically an attempt to bring sanity to madness. And do what is best for the people and the country.


What is best for the country ?


It is not enough that winning some seats in the election and plunging in to the midst of the cesspool of blood stained dirty politicians. 


We must do something for the good of the country and the people selflessly and diligently.


What is urgently needed for the the good of the country ?


Once you bring sanity to parliament, the next important thing needed to be done is the:


1. Restoration of rule of law. 


Restoration of rule of law which is fair to every one is the paramount of importance. 


As it is the basis of the development of good ethics, moral, good conduct, business, investments, peace and prosperity. No law and order. There is nothing.


How to reestablish the rule of law


You do not need foreign experts or professors to do that, what you need is the genuine willingness to implement the existing law. So that the people not only the Rich but poor and every one Buddhists, Catholics Hindus, Singhalese, Tamils etc. feel and become confident that every one is treated equally and every one is punished equally too.


Where to start


We must start from the simplest of simple place.


(Now I know those swollen headed Sri Lankan fools will laugh at me.  Sri Lankans and their politicians are idiots who usually want to start every thing big in Hi-Fi level and consequently fails miserably, that is why we are still in back waters. While other countries start at grass root level and gradually build up)


What is the simplest of simple place. ?


It is the Road. We must implement the rule of law and the development of the country beginning from the road. 


Why Road ?


Because the road is the place where every one who leaves the home gets in to.


Once you see there is a law how you should use the road with curtsey and care and it is implemented in a fair and equal way, people get the message that there are rules of behavior, that you should look after the public and private property etc. All the other things emanates from it.


Let us take an example, try to get in to a public transport or a private bus, as soon as it comes people forget about the queue run towards it push each other and the only the strongest and meanest gets the seats while weak and elderly are left behind.


What is the message you or a child will get ? In this country Might is right.


Try to cross the road in a yellow line, unless you are not very careful the man driving the posh car, or the Minister or the MP flying 100 Km Per Hour blaring the siren can run over you or the boutique owner across the road will throw his load of garbage onto you or you will fall in to an open drain. There are range of other issues like air pollution, sound pollution,  garbage dumping, encroachment of the road and public property, wrong planning and unplanned excavations, lack of toilet facilities which leads to indecent exposure and un hygienic conditions etc.


What is the message you send to public ? . In this country the the people with power and money can do any thing. You can abuse or misuse public property. You can do any thing with impunity. You can litter it, dig it, leave it or even use it as a toilet, does not matter what happens to others as long as I am all right.


When you are sending this message day and night, how do you expect to develop it ?. Only the idiots think that they can develop it with out bringing some sanity to the Road.  


Therefore as the Number One priority we should make the road a law abiding place, and we should develop the road infra structure and we should protect it.


That is how countries like Singapore, Japan and  Australia had started long ago.


How to implement it ?


The best way to do it quickly is by creating an environment protection unit, similar to parking traffic wardens. There are a lot of unemployed youth who need some sort of job quickly, we can recruit a few from each village and a city and each person is allocated with a definite stretch of road to petrol and look after. 


He must keep that particular stretch of road in good condition, he can fine people who litter the road or break road rules. 50% of the fines will go as his salary which he must earn, 25% for his savings for future such as higher education or in case of leaving for some work for buying tools, implements ect. 25% as the Govt. revenue.    


You do this for 6 months to one year and the country will be squeaky clean and people will be more relaxed and respectful of law and order. Meantime the govt. must start  gradually, to develop the road infra structure.


2. Creating Jobs. 


While the rule of law is established, and the confidence of the people in the government is gradually built up. We must concentration on creation of jobs. We have lot to do on that line such as restoring the confidence in the business community. Encouraging and guiding people in to self employment and small businesses and manufacture of good high quality products of international standards. 


Requesting the  Sri Lankan Sinhalese, Tamils and Burger  expatriates in countries like Australia, Canada, UK and USA to invest in Business  development .... More 

Sri Lanka Parlimentry Election 2004Sri Lanka Election 2004 

What Kind of a Government people need

None of us lay people who came forward to support the contesting priests do that, not because we enjoy it nor are here hoping for any gains. 

The priests also do not enjoy it. We do it as a service "Seva" and do not need any thing except some good merits for the next life. It is just like you go and help some patients in a hospital. In this instance a lunatic asylum, a country full of mad raving violent lunatics. You can not expect any thing from lunatics except abuses. But still you help them as you feel sorry for them. 

We may win or we may loose it does not matter. As long as what we have done brings some good to the people and the country... More 

Entering Monks into politics – What made it happen?
by Shamika Soysa

18 March 2004 - It has been 56 years since independence from British rulers. 

However at present Sri Lanka has become a paradise of violence, corruption and ignorant citizens. How this happened .... More

Attack on JHU members and Priests
Peoples comments 

April Fools in fools Paradise

On every Sri Lankan Election, politicians from major parties make various false fairy tale promises to people. As I say always, that Sri Lankans are fools to believe it for 56 years and still there are some do believe in their lies and deceptions. 

The politicians know that, many are fools and that is why they even scheduled the election, on the day after April Fools Day.

Now the politicians are preparing for a major poster campaign on April Fools day to deceive the voters.

According to Medhananda Thero:

"There is information that a poster campaign, announcing the resignation of all the movement's candidates would be launched on April 1, to mislead the general public". 

That is how they are planning to go to the parliament. Laughable,. But a quite possible and an ingenious strategy in Fools Paradise  

 r`m`z~z nQk`@y~ mh n`hQmQy@n~

How to contest for elections 

Priests contesting the Parliamentary Election have already shown a new culture of election campaigning. The approach is non violence, peace and harmony. This is a clear proof for the future activities.....More

rt rFk g#nWmt gQhQyn~ kQYy` @n`krn nQs` xQk;Rn~ vhn~@s~l` gw~ wWrNy @XY~;~TyQ
(Sinhala text is here)

@b_q~{ qr~Xny wOLQn~ @l`~@k~ kQsQ@k@nkOt apQ hQAs` krn~@n~ n$. e~ nQs` sQylE a`gm|vlt nQqh@s~ jWvw~ vQy yRwO rtk~ vRvmn`yQ.
Sinhala text is here)

Widening gap between haves and have-nots Lanka's, major problem   
By Rev. Fr. Tissa Balasuriya

Look at what people are asking !. Are they asking the country to be divided ? No. Are they asking some thing difficult to be done?. Is it really hard to establish preschools? . Is it difficult to appoint translators ? No. Then why ? Nothing was done so long ? Because, those politicians want it to be aggravated so they can benefit.

 Any government coming in to power must address the concerns of the people in the Hill Country. Which includes both the people living in plantations and the villagers who lost their lands to plantations. Much needs to be done to uplift the both communities.. More..

What these ladies want ?

This picture shows that a group of simple Tamil ladies are risking their lives in public protest and smashing the dummies of some Terrorist Leaders. The courage they are showing is commendable, which is hard to comprehend by people who have never lived under a rule of terror. You have to live it to understand. Many simple Singhalese know it as we also underwent such a period starting from 1989 a time even switching on house lights could be an offence for which you can get killed by god knows whom gangs of murderers from both fighting sides. 

You talk something against them your mouth will be cut by a razor or killed and  burned by a burning tire. There were days I could not work in the office because the number of gruesome bodies I had to pass on the road on my motor bike, made me sick.  There were incidents that people were killed by hammering nails to the head. Who ever did that (I am not taking sides) these are sick savages, these creatures (People is a too good word to use for them) are still among us wearing nice respectable clothes. May be some have forgotten it but it is the truth. I was so disgusted I applied for migration as a qualified  professional wanting to relocate. Thus I lost my country because it is overrun by cruel murderers. Now we must do something to regain it and make it livable for normal people. Bring some sanity to savages with the help of clergy. Because not every one can migrate.

So, what do these ladies want ? What made them so angry?. They are angry because just like us Sinhalese, they are also tired of this violence, terror and blood shed created by those people, which has no end. 

As same as us, they too have a simple desire, They just want to be left alone so that they can live in peace and happily together with their families, husbands and children with out being worried about bombs guns or murderous rampages.  

The Duty of a Righteous Government

Now Tamils are killing each other, what is this madness ? Sinhalese, Tamils,  all gone mad some cheering one fraction, others the other. The country had become a madhouse of violent lunatics. 

We decent people both Sinhalese and Tamils are tired of all these

A righteous government (Which we do not have yet), transcends the petty differences.  But also a government with a grain of decency will not take sides, even though they are all terrorists who are fighting each other, they all are still the citizens of our country. 

Now it is time for the decent Tamil people to understand that no good ever comes out from the weapons. What comes out is only the death, sorrow, ill will and hatred. And stop supporting and nattering  terrorism. 

A life is very fragile, valuable and short. We have better thing to do than killing each other. We need to develop this country, we have to bring some peace and happiness to people. That is where we should direct our energy rather than creating killing machines.

Let us get together. Come into an understanding and some settlement, I mean every one, Sinhalese fractions, Tamil fractions, Muslim fractions etc. And let us do some good during our own life time, otherwise the next generation, your sons and daughters will curse you for this phenomenal stupidity and cruelty.

If we fail, I will tell you, that a lot of you people are going to die from the hands of these foolish mad men Sinhalese and Tamil , who will unleash a reign of terror and open the Pandora's box. It will be a pity to see that. And time is running short.

The stench emanating from the parliament 
(Daily News report - A must read)

Predicted (22/2/04) Mud campaign from politicians, now
(12/3/04) in full swing 

C`wQk @hL ur#my p]@yn~ @k`LB qQs~wQYk~kyt wrM v[Qn pEC& udE@v| {m|m`@l`~k hQmQ pYmEK xQ]En~ vhn~@sl` kWp nmkt e@rhQv md pYc`ryk~ @gn y#mt pYbl @q~Xp`lZyQn~ pQrQsk~ sEq`nm| @vmQn~ pvwQ.

@myt amwrv iqQrQ@y~qQ @mm @q~Xp`lZyQn~ pQrQs wmn~t hQwvw~ hQmQvr# pQrQsk~ @y`q` @gn C`.@h.u. wrM v[Qn xQ]En~t e@rhQv q#vn~w pYc`rk v&`p`ryk~q @gn y#mt s#lsEm| kr a#w. ey s#lsEm| kr a#w~@w~, xQ]En~ Cn~@qt y`@m|n~ bEq~{X`snyt vn h`nQyk~ vn bvt Cnw`v awr mwyk~ a#wQ kQrWm s[h`y.(22 Feb.


@q~Xyt @pY~m krn sQyl~ln~ @vw a`y`cnyk~
pRjk sQrQ os~k` abyrw~n pQynm

An appeal to all who love this country 
A Sinhalese article by Rev. Father Oska Abeyrathne in Lakbima News paper 6/3/2004

Sinhala text is here)

Dear Rev. Father, 

It is very rare that an article can bring tears to my eyes. 

But I am not ashamed to say that your article brought tears to my eyes. Yes Father, though I am a Buddhist  and you are a Catholic, I agree with you 100%. This is exactly the message we want our people, who had been misled by politicians and some few people with ulterior motives, to understand. I would really appreciate an English translation of the same article from you as not all Sri Lankans can read Sinhalese and I believe that every Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Catholic and Muslim of this country should read this article.

Lakshman,   (Web Master)

@s`~m h`mRqEr#@v`~ @vnR@vn~ mRU rtm kng`tR@vq~qW a@p~ p`r~lQ@m|n~wOv wOL hQtpR ekqE mn~wWYvr@ykOvw~ p`r~lQ@m|n~wOv wOLqW un~vhn~@s~ g#n adRm wrmQn~ sRU@vn~ @h`~ sQhQpw~ kL`q ? @s`~m h`mRqEr#@v`~ apvw~ vR  avs~}`@v| qW a`q`hn ktyRwO s[h` nQqhs~ mn~qQry lb`g#nRmt s$@hn stn~ kQrmt sQqEvRN`.(Sinhala text is  here)

Translation: When Soma Thero mysteriously passed away in Russia, the whole country wept, there are a multitude of parties and multitude of  members in the parliament. Did a one politician form any one of those parties utter a single word commemorating the service of diseased Thero in the parliament ?. So how can they say that they represent the people or the Buddhists ?  

Mother Of Deceased Thero In Politics

Ven. Gangodawila Soma
Chief incumbent of Victoria Buddhist Vihara Australia

  • The mother of late Ven Gangodawila Soma thero, Mrs Chalet Weertunga appeared on the stage of Jatika Hela Urumaya rally in Kandy yesterday. Ven Ellawela Medhananda thero offered a copy of the election manifesto to her pledging to continue her son’s effort to build a righteous state. 
  • Baseless news item in Silumina newspaper has led her to come to the stage
  • Silumina of 29th February carried a news item stating the mother of Ven Soma thero was disgusted with the contesting Buddhist monks since they frequently referred to her dead son.
  • She was shocked at the news item since she never made that statement. She informed Ven Uduwe Dhammaloka thero that she fully supported Jatika Hela Urumaya since Ven Soma thero would have done the same, if he was alive.. More

Sri Lanka Parlimentry Election 2004 A plot to murder leading Buddhist monks who contest the forthcoming general election, by using Ex Army personnel and deserters, posing as video camera men, has come to the light more

Election 2004 Sri LankaSee what these Evangelists are doing in other countries. First they kill Catholic Priests and Nuns who are opposed, then the civilians (See this BBC report 24th Feb 04) More pictures

See how kind this Eelam Nation People are !. While supporting the mass scale unethical conversion of Hindus in to Evangelism in the North, They are so worried about our Buddhist Flag. How nice?

Buddhist Activists Warn Not to Use Buddhist Flags in Politics

Astrology the DifferenceThis is why we need some voice from the Monks 
(A letter from a Sri Lankan to the world)

Dear Friends, See the below photo. These things are against the accepted norms of the society whether you use Lord Buddha or the Jesus Christ , civilized people should be against it. 

None of the Political leaders talk against these things. They just keep their mouths shut for these kind of things.

This was appeared in the paper "Lanka" last week.

If there is no one to talk against these things, if Gov is not listening to the Bhikkus (Monks) regarding these things, will it be enough staying just advising them as they never take advises of Bhikkus into consideration?

This is why we support the noble Bhikkus on this movement.

We need to forget all the minor matters and thing about the major issues raised in the country.
~ Shamika~ 

Click to enlarge the picture

Buddha+lady.jpg (104683 bytes)

Cn~q @p`@r`n~qE 

Sri Lanka - Fools Paradise 

On every Sri Lankan Election, politicians from major parties make various false fairy tale promises to people. I remember the Prime Minister, the head of  the party which came to power in last election,  promising  to give golden Bracelet's to all youths. 

Actually, when I first heard it, I thought it was a joke, could not believe it, how can people fall for such things. But this is Sri Lanka, The Paradise of fools. Greedy selfish ones, Greed makes a one oblivious to reason, just like the fish for the glitter of bait. Politicians know it well. And they won. So far never heard of any one getting a Bracelet. Not even an imitation one.

When, The President was doing her campaign, all the walls and trees were plastered  with millions of posters showing the pictures of White Dove the symbol of peace and prosperity. Yet there is no peace nor prosperity for Tamils nor Sinhalese.  Mainly because, there was no real genuine effort and will to do it.

This Sinhalese article talks about the previous broken promises, like giving 2kg of rice free to every one, millions of jobs etc.

jnw`v avqQ@yn~ sQtW@m| avX&w`v

VQ o|. a#m|. kOm`rq`s

h@[n~ hrQ h`l~ @gnw~ @qnv`" "h`l~ @s~r#v Xw 25 t @qnv`" "blyt a` vQgs bdR mQl adR krnv`." "sQ@mn~wQ mQl adR krnv`." vQX`l vX@yn~ l`x lbmQn~ @p`qE mhjnw`v hRr` @gn kn @k`m|p#NQ jn swO krnv`." "rFkQy` @n`m#wQ up`{Q{`rn~ s#mt gOr# pw~vWm| lb` @qnv`" "@q~XWy kr~m`n~w a#wQ kr lk; gNnQn~ rFkQy` avs~}` uq` krnv`." @mv#nQ Cn~q @p`@r`n~qE s$@hn k`lyk sQt m#wQvrN @v|qQk`vlQn~ jnw` sQw~ swn~ pQnv` bly lb` g#nWm pQNQs @q~Xp`lnZyQn~@g~ XWY mRK vlQn~ asn~nt l#bRNQ.More


j`wQk @hL ur#my y`pnytw~ vn~nQytw~ wrg kryQ

Press Release from the leading monks of the Jathika Hela Urumaya 

  • wmn~ vhn~@s~l` sQhL ur#my nQ@y`~jny krn j`wQk @hL ur#m@yn~ wrg krn~@n~ @m| avs~}`@v|qW pk;yk~ lQy`pqQAcQ kQrmt k`lyk~ @n`m#wQ nQs` bv pk;@y~ pY{`n @l~km| udR@v| {m|m`@l`~k hQmQ@y`~ p#vsRh.

  • wmn~ vhn~@s~l` p`r~lQ@m|n~wOvt pw~vR psR kYQy`w~mk krn~@n~ sQhL ur#m@y~ pYwQpw~wQ @n`vn bvw~, wmn~ vhn~@s~l` u@qs` @vnm {`r~mQk pYwQpw~wQ sm|p`qny kQrm @m| qQnvl kr@gn yn bvw~, un~vhn~@s~ kWh.

  • gA@g`dvQl @s`~m hQmQyn~@g~ aqQsQ apvw~vWm g#n @s`y` b#lWmt @k`mQsmk~ pw~ kQrm, mw~p#n~, mw~qYv& s[h` r`j& anRgYhy lb`qWm v#L#k~vWm, apr`{ h` qR;N vAc` n#wQ kQrm a#wOU {`r~mQk r`j& sAkl~pyk~ u@qs` vn pYwQpw~wQ wm pYwQpw~wQ bv mh` sMr#vn pvswQ.

All ethnic groups should live in peace - Ven. Thera

Jaffna Special correspondent

The leaders of the two main political parties in this country have failed to find a solution to the problems that affect the different racial and religious groups in the country. All ethnic groups in this country should live in amity and peace. This is our prayer. We decided to enter the fray to bring about a reformation where the inhabitants of this country could live in communal amity and religious unity", said Ven. Vitharandeniya Mettananda Thera, the first candidate in the list of nominations for the general election submitted by Jathika Hela Urumaya party at the Jaffna election office. more



Election 2004 

Sri Lanka Jyotisha is a spiritual web site. And  was never intended to be a political sounding board. However, desperate times call for desperate measures...  
Click here to view the normal page  

India are you listening ?

We feel that Indian government involvement is necessary for the peace process if at all. India has a link with Sri Lanka from historical times ... Says Executive member of JHU Ven. Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thera

as~gQrQ mhn`hQmQ xQk~;Rn~ vhn~@s~l`@g~ gmn jygYhNy kr`m y` yRwOyQ

(Sinhala and Engilsh text is here,)

Benz company loose one sale & Hooiyaa..

It looks like that, the demand for the Benz and BMW's are getting bit less these days and suddenly some people woke up and found that they lost the appetite for those, thanks to Ven. Theros

Vicious venomous people

When you visit some web sites and read their articles, It is sad to see how low some so called educated people can place themselves. 

Every one judges the other by their own level. A thief think the person next to him is also a thief, a liar thinks every one speaks untruth because, they have no capacity to think that there are good honest people in this world no matter what religion they belong.

It is also heartening to see that though they say that they are educated people they spend all their energy on petty low level activities such as mud slinging and character assassination etc.

Have you ever seen that they publish a single word about the real issues such as:

  • How should we develop this country ?
  • What should we do to resolve the burning issues ?
  • How can we uplift the people educationally, spiritually and economically.
  • How can we get together to resolve the differences and stop killing each other.
  • What things are common to all concerned and what are the differences etc?

Nothing at all. Not a single word.  It clearly shows that how low the Sri Lankans as a nation had fallen. 

They may talk in English, Sinhalese or Tamil. They may ware nice suites and drive posh cars and live in grand houses in UK, USA or Sri Lanka or in some other country as expatriates. But they are still the savages. Nothing more or nothing less.

Mud Slinging - Lord Buddha & Kinchi Manavika 

Even the Lord Buddha had Mud Silngers like Kinchimanavika. There were bad people then and there are bad people now too. Being born among such bad people is the bad Karmas of good people. 

At that time also there were some who believed those lies. But later every one learned the truth. If it happened to Lord Buddha himself. Who is Uduwe Thero?

Attack on priests by drunkard thugs

Brutal.jpg (13913 bytes)
5 priests in hospital

Temple destroyed

A real Mahanayake with a back bone but no BMW or BENZ car, pledges support to JHU

A Public Online Database of mud slingers

Are there any volunteers ?

It is a pity to see that good honest people and monks who came forward to save the country are being subjected to a harsh mud slinging campaign. That is very wrong. 

I saw the same happened to Ven. Soma. First all were dead against but later everybody started singing praises. The same thing is going to happen again. 

Once the election is over, if every thing goes well, the "Jumping Bonies" and "Babus" will start singing the praises about heroic monks who saved the people, from the same mouths. The fatal mistake Soma Thero did was with "Mettha" or the kindness, he just embraced them. I agree that, we as Buddhists, should not hold any grudge over those stupid people. 

But we must be wise enough to be careful as some of them are evil people capable of doing any bad thing. 

Therefore we must know who did said and wrote what and when, so that what happened to Soma Thero will never happen to an other good Monk. The period of election is the last chance to know who is who as this is the time they show their true colors

Since we do not have secrets, we should do it in public. Therefore I am suggesting that some one in the computer field who live in Sri Lanka must create a  public online database with a few simple fields for  data such as Date, Article or Activity, Author and category, (A mud article or Not) and maintain it for next 3 weeks. So that every one  see it in the future what they said during the election.

May the triple gem bless the Patriot Buddhist Monks of Heritage Party, who have come forward because of us - the HELPLESS, EVER DIVIDED SRI LANKANS !

1000 Words of a picture.

It is said that a picture speaks 1000 words. Above is a one like that. I do not know who's house it is, and also It does not matter whether the Gate or the Boundary wall is painted Green, Blue or withRed Stars, but the message written says " The Hon. Member of Parliament is not at home" . It is clearly evident that Hon. MP is trying his best to avoid his beloved voters.  

But I am very sure that this time also the Hon. MP's had came out with a mouth full of sweet lies and the idiot voters of the Paradise of Fools are killing each other (See how violent they become) to send him again to the parliament. So they can keep enjoying the Wall and the Gate.  

Island wide meeting schedule of Jathika Hela Urumaya 
Click the poster to enlarge

Paramitha.jpg (41161 bytes)

Donations to the effort

Bank :  Bank of Ceylon
  Branch :  Hyde Park
  A/C No. :  5210128087
 T.Phone :  011 2586586
 (Jathika Hela Urumaya)

A ten rupees from each Buddhist would be enough to make a change. Following account belongs to the Supreme Committee of Priests, and for further clarifications, please contact the bank branch or JHU  This is an attempt to salvage the lost heritage of Sri Lanka , or to restore the dignity taken away by the evil

udR@v| {m|m`@l`~k hQmQ

Full Sinhala text here, if not, here  

apQ p`r~lQ@m|n~wOvt yn~-@n~ yhpw~ pRr~v` qr~Xyk~ @qn~n.a`N~dR pk~;y vQpk;y kQyl` @qp#w~wt @bqQl` gh mr` gn~nv`. @m| sQylE @qn` a@p~ q`yk@y`~. ovRn~ nQv#rqQ mgt g#nWm a@p~ yRwOkmk~.a`lvk yk;yQn~ pQrQsk~ in~n` bv apQ qn~nv`. e~ yk;@y` apQ qmny krn~n bl` @p`@r`w~wO @vnv`.

Translation: Rev. Udwe Dhammaloka Thero says, 

"We wish to go to the parliament to show a good example of correct behavior. Politicians are divided in to the ruling party and the opposite and trying to kill each other thus dividing the people and plunging the country in to disaster. There are some people who are like demons are there. As priests it is our duty to bring them to the correct path. Like the Lord Buddha tamed the demon called Alawaka"  

aq rtt avX& j`wQy a`gm @vnR@vn~ hV ngn xQk;Rn~ pQrQsk~, @q~Xp`l-nZyn~ smg s`kc|C` kr pYk`X nQkOw~ krn pQrQsk~ @n@myQ.(Sinhala text is here)

Readable Scanned Image of : j`wQk @hL ur#m@y~ pYwQpw~wQ pYk`Xy  

English Translation below:
(Sinhala text is  here)

Significant policies of the contesting Buddhist monks are as follows: 

Sri Lanka should be non divisible unitary Buddhist state 

• National security should be vested with the three forces and police without political interferences.

• National rights of Sinhalese should be preserved.

• Every individual should be treated in equality as practiced in the Righteous Kingdom of Emperor Asoka.

• The government should monitor the activities and fund flows of all NGOs.

• Administration should be decentralised promoting Grama Rajya (Village Kingdom) concept.

• Righteous national economy should be built based on Buddhist principles.

• Independent, impartial and moral media culture should be established.

qhm| @bry @g`U @n`@v|
(Heritage Party "Jathika Hela Urumaya" will thrive and prosper among people as long as the heritage and the rights of all the nationalities of the country is being looked after in a benign democratic manner)  
@hL ur#my rF@kn~@n~ an& j`wWn~-@g~q ur#myn~ sRrF@kn vQt pmNQ 

A press release from Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara, the temple established by Ven Gangodawila Soma in Victoria, Australia,

We, the devotees of Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara, the temple established by Ven Gangodawila Soma in Victoria, Australia, believe it is ... more 

The discussion with the Ven.Theros on the 'Kinihira' T.V.Program on Swarnavahini on 24th Feb.2004.

Topic - To explain why the Supreme Sangha Council decided to contest the upcoming General Election on 'Jathika Hela Urumaya' ticket.

avX& vRv@h`w~ j`wQk a`N~dRvk~ pQhQtRvWmt @prmRN gn~nv`

- a`c`r~y o|ml~@p~ @s`~xQw hQmQ

j`wQk @hL ur#m@y~ pYwQpw~wQ pQLQgn~@n~ nm| mh m#wQvrN@yn~ psR pY{`n pk; @qk smgQ kr avX& vRv@h`w~ j`wQk a`N~dRvk~ pQhQtRvWmt @prmRN gn~n` bv j`wQk @hL ur#m@y~ uw~wrwr mN~dl@y~ nQ@y`~j& n`yk a`c`r~y o|ml~@p~ @s`~xQw hQmQ@y`~ p#vsRh.  more here

rt @b|rgn~n o|n nQs` akm#w~@wn~ @h`~ @q~Xp`ln v#sQkQLQ vLt bhQn~n apt sQqE vW wQ@bnv`.

o|ml~@p~ @s`~xQw hQmQ

Who is Omalpe Sobhitha Thero ?New Generation Prelates (Asian Tribune) apt pdQndQ, s#p v`hn avX& n$. apQ @q~Xp`lnyt en~@n~ uw~wr-wr @q~Xp`lnyk~ more if not, try here

Massive Crowd at Panadura Buddhist Convention

Panadura today recorded its biggest public rally in the recent history.

Ven. Dr. Omalpe Sobhitha thero addressing the massive crowd told, “Some people argue we have broken Vinaya Pitaka or disciplinary code by contesting the election. But they have so far failed to point out which phase of Vinaya was broken by us. The reason is simple. We have not broken any code. Yes of course. We have broken the tradition. more

More latest news and the current situation .. 
(From Shamika )

Saving the Nation from Corrupt Politicians 21/2/2004

Click here for the Video Clip of a Discussion with Uduwe Dhammaloka Thero 

Ven. Uduwe Dhammaloka Thera, who heads the Colombo District list of candidate monks, said that their aim was to build a new nation based on Dhamma values and get rid of power-hungry politicians who forgot the people once they gained office.

Responding to widespread criticism of Buddhist monks getting involved in party politics, the Ven. Dhammaloka Thera, who is regarded as a successor to the late Ven. Gangodawila Soma Thera, said Sri Lankan politics was in a quagmire of corruption and crime and the monks had no option but to enter the scene and clean it up.

The monk pledged that they would work to build a nation based on the  Kindness, Tolerence and Compassion (Mettha, Muditha, Karuna etc.). He said they would also give the due place for other religious faiths and there would be no threat to them.

Death of  Ven. Soma Thero in Russia
Chief incumbent of Victoria Buddhist Vihara Australia

The last Letter of Soma Thero

  • (1)How things happened  (A day by day first hand account) 
    (2) Questions people ask
  • Anti-Buddhist Feelings made Risen by exaggerated reporting

  • Inquest of Soma Thero Death: What we need is a commission with full powers like the Jain Commission in India. Says Dhammissara Thero from Washington Vihara

  • w`yQv`n@y~ pY{`n sAGn`yk @b`~q`gm cn~qQm hQmQ 
  • @b_q~{`gm rFk gn~n kQyl` qhs~ gNnQn~ @k`LBt rFs~ @vl` @pLp`LQ ynv`. k$ ghnv`. in~ psR@s~ e~k ivryQ. e~k @n@vyQ apQ q#n~ kL yRw~@w~. apQ @bqQl` hQtQy` @h`[tm a#wQ
  • gA@g`dvQl @s`~m hQmQyn~@g~ apvw~ vW@mn~ psR r@tQ vQX`l @b_q~{ pY@b`~{yk~ a#wQ vW wQ@bnv`. e~ nQs` a@p~ h`mRqEr#vn~ ekwO vW v#d krn~n. pn~sl vQwrk~ hq`gw~w`t v#dk~ n$ wmn~ vhn~@s~l`t pRUvn~ h#kQ s#m a`k`r@yn~m gmt q`yk pQrQst @m`nv` hrQ upk`ryk~ krn~n. pRUvn~. apQ hqn~@n~ pRUvn~ wrm| @b@qn~n pL`w~ qQs~wYQk~, pY@q~X mtQtmQn~ kQk`y vlQn~ apQ @b@qnv`. apQ @bqEn` kQyl` @m`nvq l#bR@N~. @bqENR wrmt vQn`X @vnv`. apQ ekwO vn~@n~ @k`@h`mq kQyl` bln~@n~ n$. mh` sAGrw~ny jnw`vt kL yRw~@w~, q`nyt vdQn ekyQ. p`AXO kSlyt vdQn ekyQ vQwrk~ @n@vyQ. It vd` v#dQ @s~v`vk~ mh sAGrw~n@yn~ gmt vQy yRwOyQ~. o|n$m pk;yk~ o|n$m p`tk~ ps~@s~ yn~@n~ n#wQv @b_q~{ @k`dQy yt@w~ sQylEm @qn` ekwO vn~n. e@hm ekwO @vl` v#d krnv` nm| @b_q~{yn~ @vnw~ a`gm| vlt yn~@n~ n$.


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One thing I enjoy maintaining this web site is that, I get a lot of feed back from visitors from Sri Lanka and other countries. The following are some of the comments landed in my mail recently from Sri Lanka.

S. W. writes: "I am a keen observer of politics too. I must say that me and even a lot of my friends and peers appreciate the way the venerable monks have come forward at this time. But the state media here has been the first and strongest voice to be heard against the venerable bikkhus. It is really disgusting to see such literature coming out of the state media which is under the control of the "sandhanaya" ( who supposedly came out to save the sinhala Buddhist culture)"

S.P. Says 

These Malwatte & Asgiriya priests never stood up to save Mother Lanka. They always worshipped political leaders for their personal gains. Amarapura chief priest has given the best reply to them. So far we have marched forward without Malwatte & Asgiriya and we don't want their blessings any more. JSS/JHU and we are to protect the country, buddhism and the nation but Malwatte and Asgiriya's are supporting corrupted politicians to destroy them.

 (When asked about the strong condemnation expressed by the Mahanayakes of the Malwatte and Asgiriya Chapter, the Amarapura prelate said he would not criticize their stand on this issue. "But I have to say this. The Malwatu-Asgiri Hamuduruwo are silent on the main issues but express grave concern on minor matters," he said.)


Vasgiriye and Valwatthe Wahanayakes refuses to meet monks in politics

Yes, they can not even meet them and ask what is the problem. If a dirty politician thug with 2-3 murders in the belt had asked for a meeting, they would have bended back wards. Bloody shame ! 

They must be eyeing for New BMWs .


If for saving the country going to the parliament is bad for other Bikkus, then why this monk is lecturing in the university. That too is not prescribed by the Buddha.

See this double talk

Bhikkus Can not win this election as a party !.

Saying the above, some are shedding crocodile tears about the loosing respect of Buddhist monks.

You fools !!  Can not you understand this simple thing. It is not about winning or loosing or forming a government. 

Were you blind to see how Late Minister. Thondaman and Late Minister. Ashroff took their points across in the parliament. ? All with a few minority seats ?. 

With the few seats they had in their control they were very effective and powerful in a hang parliament

That is why I always say Sinhalese Buddhists are fools. They could be educated and professors, but they have no vision. They have no foresight.

At least this one time, support the priests, so they can be the power in the middle controlling the mad politicians. Otherwise when every time there is a problem needed to be put in to the attention of politicians , the priests have to  wait fasting to death in front of the ministries demanding to see the minister. 

Which one is more respectable ?  Sending some to the parliament or keeping them in the gutter in front of the Buddhist Affairs Ministry?

Bhikkus should not contest elections! says a nayaka

Well  I think some politician may have promised him a new Benz car, (the previous one must be old now)

When Soma Thero was alive there were many professors, Nayaka, Mahanayakas and so called intellectuals were against him.

I personally know how much he had to suffer in their hands. Some even tried to throw him out of the Springvale temple. Some labeled him as the Rebel Monk. Some wrote "Kela Patthara" with wild allegations. Some wanted to seize the Buddha statue from the temple saying it belong to them. Some wanted to cancel his visa. Many deserted him, all this happened in essence because, Soma Thero wanted  the temple and it's services to be freely accessible to all, not  only to the paying members of the temple society. 

He wanted fairness and equality telling this is not a members only club. As long as I stay here it is open to all. He was stubborn and stuck to that principal no matter what happened.

Finally there were only 15 people (such as myself, Jayantha, Saman, Rev. Dhammagavasi etc.) who supported him were left in Melbourne (in 1993) out of 300 strong membership.  Ven. Soma took stones and garlands with "upeakka". You have to expect it specially when you are born among fools who have no capacity to understand a great cause.  

But a few months later when he was successful forming a new temple on above line, I observed that many of those who were formally dead against him, who denigrated him, were the ones, who are the most frequent visitors to the new temple at Noble Park. Soma Thero still did not mind it.  This really amazed me. (These are the types of people we have to live with he said. ) 

So I will tell now. Those who are criticizing Bikkus now will be the first ones to change color when Rev. Theros will achieve their objective. 

Then you have to see how supportive they are. They will run forward and fight among each other to take the Pathra or to sweep the temple or to sit in the front row and cry loud Sadhu ! Sadhu!! Sa....!!! 

When this happens, you have to be careful. There could be "Babus" among those.. Unfortunately Ven. Soma neglected that advice.



Since the following Email started circulating in the web I am giving my views.

Q.1. Is it correct for Bhikkus to participate in the Election according to Dhamma and Vinaya?

A. Lord Buddha said, "Chethanaham, Bikkwe Kammam Vadami" (Intention makes the Karma or the action good or bad).

These are desperate times. For years, people in this country were misled by crazy short sighted selfish politicians who's sole intention is to  divide and rule. 

When ever the politicians are in the opposition. They are all wise and talk of great things full of promises of doing the right thing for the country and people. But as soon as they come to power, they show the true colour and become epitomes of stupidity. Now people are fed up of it.

First, the country must be saved from those madmen as  It is necessary to make a fair go for all the people in the country. To do it some one has to come forward, since the majority of people think at least at this needy hour the Buddhist priests can save them, I do not see anything wrong about  it as long as the interests of all the people, no matter whether they are rich, poor, Singhalese, Tamils, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims or Hindus are being looked after in a honest manner like true Buddhists as Buddhism is a very tolerant religion.  

Dhamma and Vinaya ? 

It is foolish to talk about Dhamma and Vinaya when a country is in turmoil, when people are trying to kill each other, when there is no law and order, when people are suffering. To prosper Dhamma and  Vinaya there must be peace and harmony. If politicians are not up to the task, then priests should step in. I think it is better, at least for this instance if we can get a coalition of all the religious leaders of other religions too to contest under one banner and send them to the parliament for a change. 

Then at least, we can be sure that there are no thugs  in parliament and the parliament is sacred.

2. Does this thing do any disgrace to Buddha Sasana?

No, But must be careful to select truly good knowledgeable, non political, non materialistic priests. Otherwise Buddha Sasana will be tarnished and it will be the end of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.   

3. Will they get elected?

I have my doubts about the discriminative intelligence of  Sri Lankan  Sinhalese whose majority are fools. They are blinded by party politics and selfishness. They think about short term gains than the future of a country. This time too the politicians will fool them with various promises. 

Last time, Late Soma Thero , went on national TV and asked to make a protest vote by canceling it. How many "Upasakas" and "Upasikas" who shed crocodile tears now   had listened to him when he was alive ? Stupid Fools !! . They listen from one ear while it goes out from the other and wearing white cloths Say "Sadhu" "Sadhu" now very loud. But a little later will forget it and put on their respective party hats of  Green or blue or red and go on attacking neighbors. These are the type of stupid people you want to bring back to sense, I do not know how far the priests can succeed. 

The bitter truth is  that, 98% of Sri Lankans are fools ("Gon Hattha") . It must be a collective bad karma of past.  

4. If they do can they adhere to the rules in the parliament?

Parliament is a sacred place sanctity of it is now desecrated by some unruly people who went there in recent times. as a result, the country has become unruly. So at first the parliamentarians should be exemplary in their conduct and must and must behave like civilized people. The presence of priests can bring it.

5. What would be our role in this issue?

This is the last chance. People must recognize it or perish. The Sri Lankans, specially the majority of stupid Sinhalese must forget about their Blue, Green, Red parties and support this desperate attempt of Buddhist priests in their quest for fairness to the people. 

Show through your democratic vote that you can not be fooled in every election. That you want this country to be governed well. That you want true peace and true fairness for every one.    

Otherwise soon you fools will have no alternative but to jump to ocean saying "Oh what stupid asses we were" for running after the carets shown to us by Sri Lankan politicians. 


National Think Tank to tackle urgent problems

President is to set up a National Think Tank to deliberate on and recommend urgent national policies and plans of action to be taken in economy, education, health, law and order, crime prevention, peace and other major issues.

Good idea, but do not put fools in to it. A person can be a professor but still a fool. (May be, the president knows it better than others from her past selections). So get some really good people with proven track record. Get some expatriate Sri Lankans. Get advice from Sri Lankan organizations and temples abroad. Use a radically new approach in selections. Take people who are interested in developing the country, who has no allegiance to any political party. Do not take religious or ethnic extremists. Take people who wish to make a fair go for all the people in the country, no matter whether they are rich, poor, Singhalese, Tamils, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims or Hindus.  

Then only, it will be useful to the country. Otherwise it will be an another political gimmick during the election time  


Twelve member gang arrested for attacks on 30 churches 
Re posting the log for 30/12/2003
Punish those trouble makers 

No matter what religion or the political party they belong. Those are criminals. Those are the ones who do not allow any body in this country to live in peace.  Punish those criminal elements who want to create an artificial trouble. Bring down the fullest force of law. Sending them to jail is also not enough If they broke some thing make them pay double the cost of repair plus the cost of the investigation  and court proceedings ! More

Anti-Buddhist elements attacking churches’

By Pujitha Wijetunge
The Jathika Sangha Sammelanaya (JSS)  said that there is an organized campaign by anti-Buddhist elements operating in the country that is bent on making religious clashes by way of attacking churches.

Denouncing the attack on Christian places of worship, Sammelanaya Secretary Ven. Athuraliye Ratana Thera told the Daily Mirror that the action is carried out by anti-Buddhist elements with the aim of slinging mud at Buddhists in the country and forming the way for a religious clash. more


Soma Hamuduruwane,

~ Shamika ~

SRI LANKA PARLIAMENT DISSOLVED  Re-posting the log for 25/1/04 Sri Lanka gets ready for Political Party Flu

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