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Yoga Practice
 Yoga texts, Yoga studios Yoga Teachers, Yoga Asana Yoga Photos



Title: Massage Therapy Training


Description: Receive professional massage therapy training at a certified
bodywork school in your region. Use your massage degree to launch an
exciting career.

Gurumaa - Meditation and Yoga

Description: Learn the art of meditation and yoga from an enlightened master, Anandmurti Gurumaa. Find the right aasnas for yourself. Get stress relief and extreme relaxation with Guided Meditation Cds.

Yoga Retreat Centre India

Description: ASHIYANA YOGA RETREAT CENTRE, GOA, INDIA... a place to relax, connect with your inner-peace. Yoga retreats, yoga holidays, meditation, satsang, massage, music, cafe with breakfast/lunch buffets. - Mind, Body and Spirit Studio

A Yoga Studio in the Heart of London

Road to yoga .com    Yoga-Age

An online Resource of yoga practice
Resource of classic yoga texts, Directory of Yoga studios and Teachers, Asana Photos and more  Beautiful Enchanting Music for yoga

This is an easy natural meditation music and very ancient that comes from a direct line of teachers in northern India. - Beautiful Enchanting Music for yoga

Chanting, kirtan, Gurbani kirtan, Shabad kirtan, Gurbani Kirtan and more. Sound clips. Chant with Sat Kartar and friends.


Darren's Cyber Ashram

A resource for the urban mystic. 


Shiva Shakti Mandalam: Tantrik Home Page

On this large Web site you will find yantra, mantra, tantra and other material relating to some of the different traditions; texts on the siddhas, gurus and yogis 



Activities & philosophy of parkdale yoga centre, Wolverhampton, England 


The Divine Life Society

We have many free books on Yoga, religion and philosophy available online for the spiritually hungry 


The Yoga Site

Find a teacher, information on postures, pranayama, meditation, books, videos, yoga mats and other supplies, retreats, and much more. 


Yoga Directory

The ultimate yoga resource of yoga teachers, yoga centers, organizations, books, music, yoga therapists, health products, yoga retreats, vacations, personals, and yoga traditions.  


Ananda Marga

Ananda Marga is an international spiritual and social service organization providing instruction in yoga and meditation throughout the world. Based on the teachings of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. 


Real Tantra Solutions

Tantra is the essence of spiritual sadhana. Just as you cannot eat something without applying principles of the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda neither can you practice yogic techniques without involving a principles of tantra. 


Kundalini Yoga

Experience the power of Kundalini Yoga. Sample Meditations and Yoga Sets on site 


Yoga Technology

Experience the power of Kundalini Yoga. Sample Meditations and Yoga Sets on site 



UK based holistic information and listings. Mettá exists to provide information and guidance with listings from Acupuncture to Yoga, including Reiki, Massage, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Shamanism and just about everything in between including Holidays, Words of wisdom, Retreats and much much more
Rich KYoga resource site. Home of the Kundaliniyoga Mailing List & KY On-Line Training. Director Gururattan K Khalsa Ph.D. 
alternative medicine software program, natural healing shareware, yoga...
alternative medicine software programs natural healing shareware & yoga Zentrum Publishing's web pages inform on a wide variety of subjects concerning the wellbeing of body and mind, providing inform...


Rejuvenation Yoga Institute of America Welcome To the Rejuvenation Yoga Institute. Learn many types of yoga and meditation...


Modern Seers, Inc. (formerly Abhidhyan Yoga Institute) - Authentic, no-nons...
Authentic tantra yoga meditation sorcery teachings from a modern perspective. Abhidhyan Yoga Institute, Inc. is a fellowship dedicated to living and sharing authentic spirituality. Visit our award-win...


Siddha Yoga Meditation - Gurumayi - Swami Muktananda founder SYDA Foundatio...
The Siddha Yoga path leads us to Self-realization - muktananda - bliss of liberation - the unceasing experience of unity with God. Through the SYDA foundation, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda continues a sa...


Welcome to the Yoga Magazine site...
Yoga Magazine - Magazine of the Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, India. Satsangs, research, information and more from one of the worlds most respected yoga schools....


Welcome to Yoga in Daily Life...
Swamiji's Teachings "Yoga is infinite, eternal and endless. Yoga is the consciousness that never sleeps, the life that never dies, the light that shines forever, within you and around you, without be...


Yoga in Daily Life - Official international homepage...
Your browser does not support script Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, the founder of Yoga in Daily Life National YIDL sites is a holistic system for body, mind, consciousness and soul, based on ancie...


YOGA IN DAILY LIFE® - USA Ashram - Yoga, Meditation & Spirituality...
Site of Yoga In Daily Life ® - USA in Alexandria, Virginia with links to other Yoga In daily Life sites. Information about classes and workshops on yoga, pranayama (breathing), relaxation and meditati... - the YogaChannel...
Online YOGA in RealAudio. DO YOGA HERE NOW FREE!...


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Want to know more about your, Romance and Marriage ? 
Curious to know things like ? 

Ideal Match, whether there any obstacles for a successful married life in your horoscope such as - Mangalik Dosh (Kuja Dosha) and are impatient to know something about the future Marriage Partner ? the Profession of the best suited spouse and the direction the spouse is coming from?

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