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Malefic Effects of Rahu 

Rahu Apala


Diseases similar to Saturn, other problems are anger, leaving home, dissatisfaction, fear complex, liar, slow working change of residence, disfavor of superiors, etc.

 Rahu Stotra

ardhakaayaM mahaaviirya.n chandraadityavimardanam.h .
si.nhikaagarbhasaMbhuutaM taM raahuM praNamaamyaham.h .. 8..

I pray to Rahu, having half a body, of great
bravery, the eclipser of the Moon and the Sun,
born of Simhikaa.

Donate a coconut, old coins or coal to a leper on Saturday.

MANTRA: To be chanted on Saturday, two hours after sunset, especially during major or minor Rahu periods:

Rahu seed mantra: Aum bhram bhrim bhraum sah rahave namah.

RESULT: The planetary diety Rahu is propitiated granting victory over enemies, favour from the King or government, and reduction in diseases caused by Rahu.


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