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The lost knowledge of how to exit from the Samsara



“Patichcha Samuppada” The law of cause and effect

To whom it was intended  

This I wrote for my son  

But later thought to give this as my  Birthday Gift to all of you



The Method in Nutshell is like this:

Before learning how to exit,  you need to  be armed with a little bit of know how. Specifically how a being or a person is lured  to get trapped due to  it's curiosity. As the beings are very curious and  wants to see, know, taste, hear, sense and experience all. Just like  a fish trap this curiosity was used against the beings to  initially trap  them and also to keep  them inside the trap.

It is just like some Casinos use various attractions like food, drinks and other entertainments of ADDICTION to keep you inside. 

Similarly, what keeps you bound to this cruel game of life and death called Samsara are also attractions offered to please your five senses. That means visions to please your eyes, sounds to please your ears, smells, tastes, sensory pleasures through your skin. All these are dangled in front of your nose and  come nicely wrapped  in the form of love, romance, parties, properties, cars, wealth, family and friends , beautiful bodies, health and wealth. Etc… Etc… and once you indulge in it you keep wishing more and more of those.

Why you wish it again and again . ? Because you got attached to it in your mind and more you think about it .. more you get attached more you create energy of bond called.. Karmic bond  or “Upadana’ . This is the trap. Upadanas are like an electronic tag attached to a commodity in a shop. How much you try to hide it in the pocket you cannot leave the  shop floor as long as you carry that thing with you. As long as you have attachments and wishes of sensual objects you hope to posses you cannot leave this prison. If you want to leave, then you need to clean your mind of the baggage  and leave empty handed through the gate with out trying to take anything with you even in your mind. That is why it is important to clean up your mind from attachments and defilements. Since it is your mind, you have to do it by yourself as  no other external force can  clean your mind for you, however advanced that  external force or the civilization is. In nutshell the way out from prison is not to have any desire for anything within the walls of the prison( the World). 

What you wish, is what you get.  (Remember .. that, your wish is the command in this holographic simulation world). With that wish comes the physical body. The second prison. 

Since the condition of the imprisonment is such, that the prisoners are wiped out of former life's memory with each cycle of birth, and only wishes being granted according to good or bad merits they earned in the past life (Just like in an ordinary prison the prisoners are rewarded for their good conduct within the prison and bad ones tough conditions), thus they forget the knowledge, and having to start a new ever time, they get trapped in this never ending wish that keeps person bound , imprisoned and slaved to this vicious circle of birth and death called Samsara..  This leads to never ending sufferings of a being without him realizing it.. The most effective prison is one where the inmates does not know that they are prisoners.  

What you need to know:

To get released  from this prison world, apart from  having an excellent understanding of the principle of the workings of the trap called  Law of cause and effect ( Also called as "Pattichcha Samuppada" principle of the generation of attachments) one also needs to know 4 truths about the nature of imprisonment or the trap (called 4 Nobel Truths)   and 3 Qualities of the life inside the trap (Called 3 Lakshana – 1. Anichcha, 2. Dukkha,  3.Anartha).

Once you really understand that you are in the process of liberation. Since it is the knowledge that liberates you. There is no need to pray to any god for the salvation. While Buddhism does not dispute the existence of the higher godly realms and even talks about godly beings, what Buddhism teach us is that your salvation should be made by yourself through your intellect without waiting for the help from any other force.

Daily Contemplating on the meaning of the following  2 Karma Displacement thought lines called "Karmasthanas" (Which I had translated in to English) as well as other Karmasthanas  (there are many more) given in the following web site will be helpful in  speedy release from the bonds of lust, enmity and ignorance in the mind which keeps you bound in to the world. 

End of the Summary




The lost knowledge of how to exit from the Samsara …. “Patichcha Samuppada” - “The law of cause and effect”



Patticha Samuppada or dependent origination or the law of cause and effect is a deep and complex topic that is the heart of Lord Buddha’s teachings. Lord Buddha has said if one knows Dependant origination, they know Dhamma. Also if one knows Dhamma, they know Dependant origination. So it is very important as Buddhist to know this teaching. Knowing Dependant origination goes beyond knowing the mere words. It is about learning and understanding the teaching and then being able to apply it into our daily life.


In this article Mr. Lakshman Abeykoon has written in very simple and easy to understand terms an explanation of the law of cause and effect. It is aimed at children who have not had an upbringing in Sri Lanka. Therefore, this article serves as a great introduction to the pali or Singhalese words used to typically describe dependant origination. As it is in words that are easy to understand, I believe it will be a great starting point for children to learn about the Dependant origination and how it applies to their lives.


I would like to take this opportunity to bless Mr. Abeykoon for the wonderful meritorious deed. As a result of this great meritorious deed of sharing Dhamma, may Mr. Abeykoon be well and happy, May he attain Nibbana! May you all learn and understand the dependant origination. May you be able to lead your own lives mindfully and happily in Dhamma! May you be a blessed and guided by the Noble Triple Gems always! May you all attain Nibbana!!


Theruwan Sarani!!


Royal Pandith Venerable M. Dhammagavesi

Chief Incumbent and Abbot of Lankarama Buddhist Vihara and Chief Sangha Nayaka of the Siyam Mahanikaya Malwatte Chapter in Australia

The lost knowledge of how to exit from the Samsara …. “Patichcha Samuppada” - “The law of cause and effect”




I thought of writing this for the benefit of children who were not born or never lived in Sri Lanka like my son.

My son find it difficult to understand advanced Sinhalese language and the words used in Dhamma Sermons thus miss out the real Buddhist View of the world. there may be many other families like that and this is my gift for them for the month of "Vesak".

I wrote this in very simple everyday English as it is absurd to use highly technical language used by some translators when you talk to children.

Though the words are simple you need to read in carefully as the theories given are profound and every word written is there, because it is absolute necessary for that word to be there in order to convey the meanings. And people live and die never  ever knowing or understanding  what is written here.

What is the “Law of Cause and Effect..” ?



Buddhism is a view of life based on the “law of cause and effect” and it is not a religion. Any one who has this view or the vision of cause and effect called “Patichcha Samuppada” in ancient Pali Language is a Buddhist. No matter what religion he or she was born in to.


Since the “law of cause and effect” is the very core or the heart of the Buddhism. Lord Buddha Said that, who understood this “law of cause and effect” understood the Dharma and hence understood me .


The “law of cause and effect” itself is the mechanism of rebirth, and the driving force of the wheel of “Samsara” ( Samsara means endless cycle of taking births and hence inevitable deaths thus causing the sufferings in the course of life). The only precondition you need to have in order to understand this law of Cause and Effect or the Patichcha Samuppada is your belief that, there is occurrences of rebirth and this is not the one and only life time you have left to live.


What is the benefit of knowing this Law of cause and effect … ?



The immediate benefit is that, you will never ever have emotional break downs or mental depressions in the current life.


The over all  benefit is that once you understand “Law of the cause and effect” and how it works or the mechanism of it, you will know that,  how to disable the wheel of “Samsara” or the endless process of Birth and Death which keeps you bound to it and causes the inherent suffering attached with birth such as getting sick, getting old and pain of death etc. As once you were born you were bound to die.


Imagine for a moment that you are playing a computer game. Say for an instance the name of the game is " Domination and control of Is Be's" (Is Be's are also reffered to as Souls or Sathwas in a imaginary Galaxy.. How to play the game how to deceive and control stupid Is-Be's  and live like a prince are written in books like "48 Laws of Power and Machiavelli's "The Prince" in that planet ). The game is so absorbing you get addicted in to the character or the “Avathar” you choose to play. You got mesmerized so much, you think you are nothing else but the “Avathar”. You began to think that the game world is real and it is not an illusion.


You lost the knowledge of how to exit from the game and to move in to the real wide world. So you keep playing the game. When you finish living one life inside it. You wish an another, what you wish, what you get.  (Remember .. that, your wish is the command in this holographic simulation world) Thus you get another life..... and after that another one, and so on....., life after life after life...., never ending ...as your wishes too ...are never ending ... Like a Wheel .. no end to it.. Thus you get trapped in this Wheel of Samsara..


(See also Holographic Universe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nwz-WwRe3Y )


For that never ending wish we call the “Trushna” or the “Desire” and we say that, person is lost in Samsara due to the Trushna (Desire) . ( the person is “Bhawa Gaami” or the worldly bound). This never ending wish keeps you bound  and imprisoned to this vicious circle of birth and death.


The lost knowledge of how to exit from the Samsara by not generating “Desire” is the “Patichcha samuppada “ or the knowledge of the mechanism of the law of Cause and effect. Understanding it gives you the key to the exit door which leads to the eternal bliss or the liberation called "Nirvana".  

(See also :Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor Nuro Scientist PhD.  The Law of Attraction and Nirvana1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTrJqmKoveU  See also . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etXYeRQZkOk )

Where is Nirvana ..?



Nirvana is not a place as many think. Nirvana is  loosing your identity of self and merging with all  knowing all penetrating existence that is deathless, birth less, formless, shapeless, omnipresent, attribute less, and quality less, ever present, pure loving blissful beyond all perceptions manifestation of universe. When a  tiny drop of water merges with the ocean what happens ? It becomes the whole ocean or the other way  round the  tiny drop becomes as big as the mighty ocean.


Since it is the knowledge that liberates you. There is no need to pray to any god for the salvation. While Buddhism does not dispute the existence of the higher godly realms and even talks about godly beings, what Buddhism teach us is that your salvation should be made by yourself through your intellect without waiting for the help from any other force.

What is the 4 Truths you need to know…? 

You can not talk about the “Law of Cause and effect” (Patichcha samuppada)  without talking about  the Four Noble Truths called (Chathurarya Sathya). Because these  two are inseparable. If you know “Chathurarya Sathysa you know Patichcha samuppada and If you know Patichcha Samuppada you know Chathurarya Sathya.

Hence before learning how to exit,  you need to  be armed with a little bit of know how. Specially how a being or a person is lured  to get trapped in this never ending wish that keeps person bound , imprisoned  and slaved to this vicious circle of birth and death called Samsara. It is just like some Casinos use various attractions like food, drinks and other entertainments to keep you inside.


Similarly, what keeps you bound to this cruel game of life and death called Samsara are also attractions offered to please your five senses. That means visions to please your eyes, sounds to please your ears, smells, tastes, sensory pleasers through your skin. All these are dangled in front of your nose and  come nicely wrapped  in the form of love, romance, parties, properties, cars, wealth, family and friends , beautiful bodies, health and wealth. Etc… Etc…



You get sucked in to this trap of lures and you start feasting in these pleasures  with never ending “Desire” and spending your time and energy  to gain more and more of these pleasures by any means possible or being selfish and by hook or crook thus, creating bad Karmas or the minus Game points in the process of it.  

All these are so irresistible you get lured like a fly in to a honey trap. Once you indulge in it, there comes the Delusion, called “Avidya” or not having the ability see things as they really are. 

Blinded by delusion. You begin to think all these things belongs to you. Your love, your romantic partner, your properties ,your wealth, your status, your body and health, your friends and family. In that way your world is formed  or created around you and you get attached to those perks.


Because of the delusion  or the ignorance, you fail to see the reality. That all these lures are temporary manifestations and they are the cause of your “Suffering”. For an example, your love to some one is your joy as well as the cause of inevitable suffering. Your beautiful body is the cause of your joy as well as inevitable suffering when you get old. Your properties could be your joy as well as sorrow when they break down or get lost. 

Knowing that these attachments to things and people you think are yours is the cause of your Suffering is very important as it is the first important lesson in your jail break. Identifying this normally hidden and sweet wrapped causes of suffering are so important it is labeled as the First Noble truth of 4 Noble truths. 

How to become the coolest head around the block when your sweet heart leaves you… 

You may think it is crazy to say that all these goodies such as your love, your romantic partner, your properties, your wealth, your status, your body and health, your friends and family are identified as causes of suffering. Don’t you..? That is the secret, that is why it is hard to find.

Actually there is nothing wrong in enjoying all these things. After all you are a human being and humans are social animals. You need to live a normal comfortable life and enjoy the presence of family and friends and the material comforts. It is perfectly Ok.




What is not OK is getting the wrong ideas. That those are yours and you have the control over those. That is the point you have to be enlightened. So enjoy it but not get overly attached. Not physically throw things away you still have it and enjoy those but mentally, give up everything and be free. So if you loose those physically, you have nothing to be sad,  because you had long ago, given those up in your mind.

Say  for an example, your girlfriend, you treat her nicely as best as you can and enjoy the time with her and have a happy life, suddenly for some reason she leaves you.

Then will you have reason to be depressed.. ? No. Because  you already knew that all these things are impermanent and changing. Knowing that, you had already given it up long ago in your mind. So you become the coolest head around the block. You live like nothing happened. Why ? because you learned a profound secret method of how be the coolest man when the world breaks apart around you. 

What you need to know is that  all these lures are temporary manifestations and the cause of all the suffering you find in this word. If you can gasp the  above explained reason why  the things you hold dear is the root cause of suffering , then you gain a unique wisdom among people who have no clue about it. That Wisdom is called “Dukke Gananam”. Or the realization of the root cause of all sufferings.  Unless you realize it, you will never be interested in finding a solution.

What is Suffering … ?




Lord Buddha defined suffering as following : “ Jaathi Pi Dukkha, Jara pi dukka, Maranam pi dukkm, soka paridewa dukka domanassa upayasa dukkam, priye hi vippa yogo dhkko, appriyana sampayogo dukko, Yampi Ichcham nolabathi thampi dukkam, sanshiptana pancha upadanaskanda dukka” ,    

Birth (Jaathi) is a cause for suffering ( Jaathi + Pi = Priya Jaathi = things you like -- Therefore the things you like are also the cause of suffering) , sickness and old age and death  (or else things you like does not stay or behave as you like (Anichcha)), too are sufferings.  Sadness, sorrow, weeping, and struggle to make a living is suffering. Loss of loved ones and compelled to put up with tormentors or enemies is suffering, not gaining things you desired is suffering and in short the burden of pleasing the five senses of the body is the cause of suffering. 

Picture above: The things you like does not stay or behave as you like them to be
(Un + Ichcha = Anichcha) is the cause for all sorts of sufferings in the world

Though you believe due to the misconception or ignorance called “Avidya”, that all these are yours, yet you control nothing. Yours love affair may break at an unexpected moment causing you heart break, your properties may be taken away from you in one minute due to a natural disaster causing you become homeless, your health and beauty will fade with aging .whether you like or not, your friends and family may die one after another with the  passing of time.   

Oblivious to all this you live in  your  own world surrounded by what ever you think belongs to you. Though you do not have any control over those, you want these nice things to be yours  and wish those things to be yours for ever to enjoy. Thus you get attached to this imaginary world you think is yours. Defining from it your identity as a person.  This imaginary  but perfectly real world to you is called “Bhava”.  And the “Avidya” or the ignorance of not knowing the real nature of the impermanence or the dynamic nature of the things ( Anichcha)  you think  which belongs to you, is the reason for the world or the “Bhava” you created for yourself.   

Naturally, you get attached to this imaginary world of yours  which defines your identity and  your wish or the “Desire” to be those things to be yours for ever is called “Trushna”.  This desire or the “Trushna” is the trap which keeps you locked or “attached” in to  this vicious circle of birth and death called Samsara.

This desire or the “Trushna” is generated  no where but in your mind. When this desire is not fulfilled due to changes beyond your control such as old age or sickness or love break ups or  fluctuations of wealth est. you suffer. So the reason for your suffering is your desire or the attachment to these ever changing world around you or the “Bhava” . 

Realization of this simple truth is so important it is regarded as the 2nd Noble Truth  or the “Samudaya Sathya” in Buddhism. That is : Reason for  suffering is Desire or the Attachment in your own mind.  Or the suffering are generated through Desire and attachment. Word “Samudaya” means Generate and “Sathya” means truth. So it is “The truth about the generation of attachments” 

Now you gained another unique wisdom which others do not easily find. That is “Dukka Samudaye Gnanam” The wisdom of knowing where the sufferings occur. That is, it happens not some where out side or by the fault of some one else like the girl friend or the boy friend who broke up with you. But  within in your own self. Inside your mind due to the desires and the attachments you created by yourself you suffer.   

Then you get an answer.  If you can find a way to change your mind and  not generate “Trushna” or the “Desire” in your mind” you can  stop all sorts of sufferings as well as disconnect the attachments and exit from this vicious game of life and gain unshakable tranquility and peace even within what is left to live in this life. Understanding that is the 3rd Noble Truth called “Nirodha Sathya” Nirodha means disconnect or Disable.. So it is the truth about disconnection of bonds.

Until you learn how to change your mind and disconnect the attachment you will be subject to birth and death and in between all these sufferings associated with the birth such as loss of loved ones, loss of freedom, sickness, old age and so on again and again and again with no end as you keep jumping from one life to another enduring endless amount of births and deaths possessing various bodies some desirable some undesirable due to plus or minus Karmic points you acquired during the course of it.


Stop Playing the Game…


As same as in a computer game, this Plus or the good merits points  means in the next jump in to a new body, you will be able to get bonus extras like comfortable easy life beautiful body rich family and good parents. Minus or bad Karmas mean in next life you may born in to a poor family, bad parents, cruel spouse or physical disability or even in some cases a life as an animal.     

PS ( This is an another view point on the same principal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VS6GdaSvgHk  see also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNlyupEBdeE&t=572s I think these two are important alternative unconnected views of the same principle which does not conflict)



Whether the world is real or unreal ?

Lord Buddha preached the middle path and said not to take world as real nor unreal. If said real it is one wrong end of assumption and If unreal then another wrong end of assumption as the world is real nor unreal.  This easily explained in the above example of  computer game. Is the world in a computer game is real and it exists somewhere ? No it does not exists. If it does not exists then how do you play ? No it exsists.. So if you say it exists it is wrong.. If you say it does not exist that is wrong too..

(See also : Elon Musk believes we are probably characters in some advanced civilization's video game http://www.vox.com/2016/6/2/11837608/elon-musk-simulation-argument )

Here's Musk's argument :

The strongest argument for us being in a simulation probably is the following. Forty years ago we had pong. Like, two rectangles and a dot. That was what games were.

Now, 40 years later, we have photorealistic, 3D simulations with millions of people playing simultaneously, and it's getting better every year. Soon we'll have virtual reality, augmented reality.

If you assume any rate of improvement at all, then the games will become indistinguishable from reality, even if that rate of advancement drops by a thousand from what it is now. Then you just say, okay, let's imagine it's 10,000 years in the future, which is nothing on the evolutionary scale.

So given that we're clearly on a trajectory to have games that are indistinguishable from reality, and those games could be played on any set-top box or on a PC or whatever, and there would probably be billions of such computers or set-top boxes, it would seem to follow that the odds that we're in base reality is one in billions.

Tell me what's wrong with that argument. Is there a flaw in that argument?

This came in response to a question from journalist Josh Topolsky, who pressed Musk further. "The argument makes sense," Topolsky said. "But what do you think?"

"There's a one in billions chance we're in base reality," Musk replied. He continued:

Arguably we should hope that that's true, because if civilization stops advancing, that may be due to some calamitous event that erases civilization. So maybe we should be hopeful this is a simulation, because otherwise we are going to create simulations indistinguishable from reality or civilization ceases to exist. We're unlikely to go into some multimillion-year stasis.

In this answer, Musk is repeating one of my favorite thought experiments. It comes from philosopher Nick Bostrom's aptly titled paper "Are You in a Computer Simulation?" You can read the whole thing here, but the core is more or less as Musk describes it:

One thing that later generations might do with their super-powerful computers is run detailed simulations of their forebears or of people like their forebears. Because their computers would be so powerful, they could run a great many such simulations.

See also: Scariest Roller Coaster Virtual Reality VR Ride




Now it comes to the question What is the method or the path you need to follow in order to change and disconnect the attachment from your mind.. ? . The shortest answer is. “Think in the opposite direction. Not the way you are  sheepishly directed to think by the matrix or the worldly way of thinking but the way opposite to the other people think. Thus you stop participating in the game of  the generation of extreme emotions and desires. Neutralize the flow of the wave of high and low extremes of emotions and settle in a flat line. This is called taking the Middle path or the “Madyama Prathipadawa”  

Using the simple but profound techniques mentioned below, you will be able to live a vary satisfying,  contempt and fulfilling happy life without sufferings and at the same time not generating desires, attachments and associated good and bad karmas.  

That means you stopped playing the game by stopping the creation of the bonds. You had broken free  from the mundane world just by changing the way you think. But the beauty is that  to the outside world and the family,  you look perfectly normal. In fact,  you become a person much better than before as you will notice your gradual changes,  like you become more tolerant, more patient, more kinder, more gentler, more happier, less greedy and a well balanced  stable person who is  not emotionally impacted by any good or bad things life throws at your way. Therefore if you really understood  what is told here you will never ever have emotional break downs or  mental depressions as no true Buddhist will ever get those as he/she knows from deep within the real nature of things in the world their changing nature or the impermanence which goes hand in hand with the associated sufferings. 

When some one asked what is Nirvana .. ? Lord Buddha mentioned  following “Raga hshayo, dwashah shayo, mohah shyo Nibbanam” that means Not generating attachments or craving(Raga), not generating dislikes, Intense animosity or hatred (Dwesha) and Removal of  the ignorance and gaining the wisdom of seeing things as they are  the Nirvana. Hence Nirvana is a condition of mind you gain when you are neutral to outside world and  have the ability to see things in true perspective. You have stopped the game  to look at  a world where others are running like mad chasing insatiable desires. 

This path or the method you need to follow  to gain this ever lasting mental peace and tranquility is called the 4th noble truth or the “Maarga Sathya”  “ Maarga” means path. “Maarga Sathya” means true path to follow.


The Lost Connection ……



When you talk about “Maarga Sathya” or the True path to follow we need to talk about the “Aaarya Asthangika Marga” or the “Eight fold path which Aaryans follow” which include correct Vision (Which you already got by knowing 4 noble truths) Correct thought (You already have it that is why you read this in order to find out how to get rid of Desires)..

The rest are the right action, right livelihood, right effort, right awareness and right concentration. I am not going to talk about  it any more as it makes this writing too long.  

If interested, you can do a web search and read. You can find so many articles on the matter as an individual topic.  What you do not easily find is: How The “Chathurarya Sathya”, Patichcha samuppada and Arrya ashtangika Marga are interconnected.

When  you have lost the connection, you lost the Path to Nirvana. That is the reason why that, it is very rare to find people who really understood the path to follow or what needs to be done even among Buddhist Priests who spent whole life studying scriptures. My aim is not discussing the theory which every book written about Buddhism does. But to tell you in simplest possible way what you practically need to do to change your own mind. 

In simplest, what you need to do is two types of simple Meditation. Elaborated in the scripture called “Sathi Pattana Suthra “ (Mind settling scripture) The two types of Meditation are Samatha and Vidarshana.  

In that scripture lord Buddha Said the following: “I promise you this, if some one practices this method given here that person depending on his intellectual ability , either minimum within 7 hours , or medium within 7 days or 7 months or else maximum within 7 years will be able to change his mind and attain the realization of Nirvana “ So is the power of these techniques.


What is Samatha Meditation and what is Vidarshana Meditation .. ? Why  two types.. ?.



The reason is when you want to change your mind what you have to do.. ? First thing is you need to learn to focus your mind  in order to concentrate on some subject . For that you need to learn how to calm the mind. To achieve the calming and concentration ability you start with Samatha Meditation or in other words “Breathing meditation”. Once your mind is calm and settled you slowly move in to the other type of meditation called “Vidarshana” Meaning of the word “Vidarshana” is Analysis. You contemplate on the subject and start thinking in order to realize and convince your self the real Nature of the things.

Before learning breathing meditation to calm your mind you need to know a little bit about the nature the mind specially because this is the reason why people find it is hard to keep attention on one thing  more than a minute before unknowingly  the thoughts wander in to thinking various things than what you wanted to think. The reason is, the two parts of the process. The focus part and the attention part. 

When you begin the berating meditation you first  have to sit in a comfortable position in a chair or on the floor or under a tree etc. and focus on your breathing . The focus point should be the tip of your nose or the upper lip where the air of your breath is touching. You do not follow the breath up or down . You only focus your attention on the movement of air which passes your focus point which is either the tip of the nose or upper lip, where ever you find easy to focus. In that focus point, your  awareness is such you know when you breath long breaths , short breath or heavy ones or light ones. Easy, piecy  isn’t it.. ? Yes in the beginning it is easy but,  after a minute or so you will find that instead of concentrating and watching on the sensation of the movement of upward and downward air touching your tip of lip or nose, your attention has drifted away. Why ?. 

The reason is, when you begin the meditation the focus part of mind direct your attention to the breathing so you are able to focus the attention on it, and the attention is there now. The nature of focus part of the mind is such that, once the attention is there, the focus goes away and  fish out some thing else and brings it back to the attention, thus focus jumps from one to another and like a puppy dog bringing sticks,   it picks up and brings various thoughts in to attention one after another, that is why you loose concentration. 

What is the remedy.. ?


The remedy is simple. Every time you breath , think it is the first time you begin. Then the focus part of the mind will bring the breath in to your attention. Next breath also think it as the very first. Thus. Focus – Attention, focus attention to the touch of the air. Thus the mind will not drift away and your attention span will drastically improve. You only need to think every breath is you first breath and you began meditation just now. 

Now, once the attention is improved, start the Vidarshana part of the Meditation. That is analysis.

Analysis of what.. ? 

What is the most irresistible force this word… ? What makes the continuation of animal and plant life possible in the world..  which makes flowers bloom, Bees ..Humm.. birds sing and people fall in love  ?

It is the sex and the attraction to the physical body. Out of that, the attraction or love for own body  and self preservation instinct is the most intense. Therefore if you know the reality about your own body then the reality about every thing else in the world will be evident to you.

That is why Lord Buddha said .. In this six feet body I will show you the whole world as well as cessation of the world or the Nirvana. 

Thus the Vidarshana is all about the contemplation and analysis of, mainly the own body as well as the body of others.    

This is what you have to think and keep thinking with the now improved attention of the mind. This is called “Kaayanupassana” There are several ways to think. Any one way or all the ways are ok depending on what is easy for you.

But remember this the only way and there is no other way to change your mind and disconnect from repetitive birth and death circle called “Samsara” and gain the liberation.

What you have to think and convince to your self is this:

The below is what the scripture called "Manasikara Sutra or the "Contemplation Stanza" says  as " Etham Samtham Etham paneetham.. Yadidam Sabba Samkara Samato.. Sabbupadee pati Nissago.. Thannakkayo.. Virogo.. Niroodo. Nibbananmthi "

From Manasikara Suthra – What a person should contemplate in his mind in the process called “Vidarshana” or Analysis  in order to change his mind and  achieve Nirvana. The freedom from all Defilements

}  Etham Samtham Etham paneetham....lf There is only one sweet feeling in this universe that is the sweetness in the feeling of experiencing the pure consciousness or the assimilation with the source.

}  Yadidam Sabba Samkara Samato..Gained by Relinquishing the conjured up illusory impressions of extreme  desires, expectations and hopes in the mind.   

}  Sabbupadee pati Nissago.Feeling of  freedom in Breaking up of all sorts of bonds which holds a being down in the cruel never ending circle of Samsara due to attachments caused by those never ending illusory expectations of extreme   desires  and hopes.Thus Not polluting the untainted primary pure initial thoughts or the pure  consciousness in the mind with attachments generated by all sorts of desires such as lust  hatred and dilutions .

}  Thannakkayo...Keeping the mind clean by not generating and not attaching the secondary occurred  impure thoughts and extreme emotions  to the initially  generated pure thoughts…  Which arise as soon  as the attention to any thing or any one begins.

}  Virogo.Not pursuing worldly attractions with such polluted and altered extreme  mind set tainted by attached impurities .

}  Niroodo.By being  analytical and watchful about every moment, when the pollution of mind occurs by having mindfulness about the working of the own mind . Attaining the status of mind  which can be described as seeing and only seeing, hearing and only hearing, sensing and only sensing, thus recognising  and responding to  those with no attachments caused by either of anger resentment or hatred or liking or need for possessing  generated in the mind to what is  being engaged with. But only having neutrality, compassion and kindness.  

}  Nibbananmthi..Thus Ending  all attachments  and Keeping clean the initial pure mind or the pure consciousness without pollutants  of impure thoughts is the way to the ultimate freedom from bonds of “Samsara” or the way to enlightenment and gaining the ever lasting happiness of the feeling of Nirvana.. 

}  Even while you are still living your life in the world.

This is my first Video .. There is some break in the sound file when slides are transitting sorry for that .Actually I made this for the benifit of forigners and those who does not understand Sinhalese language and the "මාතෘකා පාලිය" ..වැඩිපුර විස්තර ඕන අය ඇතොත් පහල ලින්ක් එකෙන් "නිරපෙක්ෂත්වයේ මාවත " සයිට් එක බලන්න


(What you get  below is the law of cause and effect (Patichcha Samuppada) as well as Chathurarya sathiya( Four Noble Truths)  and Trilakshana (3 Qualities ) all in a one simple understandable format  )


What you have to think and convince to your self is this:


This body of mine is the present result of previous life’s ignorance (Avidya) of not being able to seeing things as they really are (Avidya - not being able to  see and analyse in the line of  Indulgence(Ashwaada), Consequences of that indulgence( Aadeenawa) and by seeing  the adverse consequences of that indulgence , the relinquishment (Nissarana) or the  give up or abandonment  ) and  because of that Avidya ( or not seeing the consequences of indulgences and not being able to relinquish) I created  desires (Trushna), which resulted in intense sense of ownership and  attachments (Upadana) and karmas (Good and bad points or merits) while living in the imaginary world of reality I built around me (Bhawa) as a result of these previous causes, I could not see the reality of   the things in the light of Anichcha (Anichcha = Un + Ichcha = Does not stay or behave as desired = constantly changing or dynamic) or the  impermanence ***  of the things I thought which are mine and even at my moment of death I could not leave those behind.

My present body  is the result of that, which is made out of an erected skeleton bound by blood soaked veins and filled by pieces of meat and covered by skin. This body it self is no different from a cadaver (dead carcass). This carcass is made alive by the consciousness which came to possess it due to the desire for the attractions offered to lure it in to the trap of never ending circle of life and death or the Samsara.

Because of the current ignorance (Avidya)  I will  again be attracted to those lures aimed to please my five senses and the resulting Karmas, Trushna (Desire), Bhawa ( What you think your own or world around)  and Upadana (attachment) I will again be subjected to the emotions of intermittent joys as well as great deal of unavoidable sufferings such as  sick ness ,old age and death ect and also will be generating an another body to go through the same sufferings again and again.

This body has nothing to be desired. Once the consciousness leaves the body it is nothing but a cadaver. Food for worms. In a two three days time after death it will start to smell bad,  attracting flies and insects the meat will dissolve and will decay to the earth.

Therefore this body is (As well as every thing else I believe as mine ) Anichcha (Does not stay or behave as I wish). Hence it is a reason for Dukkha. (Sufferings) and it is a cause for all sorts of disastrous outcomes (Anartha). Because of that it is not a thing to be get attached.

Why you are advised to think as mentioned above ?. That is to make you realise the Thrilakshana or the 3 qualities mentioned below.

(If you did not  understand any thing else I wrote above still it does not matter.. but at least try to grasp what is said in the 4  short paragraphs given below under the Thrilakshana..

 If you understood it and keep contemplating or thinking on it.. that is enough to get you released from Samsara eventually..)


Thri Lakshana

Over all, this body (as well as every thing else in this world) is impermanent or dynamic (1.Anichcha) and does not behave as I desire or  stay as I want it to be (1.Anichcha = Un + Ichcha = Does not stay or behave as desired = constantly changing or dynamic).

Hence It is a cause for all sorts of sufferings and fearfulness (2.Dukka)in regard to that changeability
(Dukkha = Du +Ksha = Polluted + Ruined - Meaning that the happy clear peaceful and tranquil mind get tainted resulting a suffering and polluted mind)

Also, this body is not me, this body is  a thing to be disillusioned. I do not own it, (If I own it I should be able to stop it getting sick or old or die) and since it fools me  and cheats me thus leading me to imagine and think that it possess the qualities it  actually does not posses,  such as making me believe that the body is me/mine/his/her body or soul (Aathma pudgala Sagnya = Misinterpretation as a soul or a person) and brings associated desires (or Else  Undesire or hatreds ex. like I love this person , I hate this person, I want  to posses this etc.) and hence creates attachment  (Desire for love or  Else revenge or Else acute desire to possess) causing  me to  be bound and enslaved  to this cruel endless cycle of life and death by compelling me to  wish for and take more and more future births to play roles of different and different  characters in order to fulfill those unfinished desires. Because of that, this  body is  a thing to be disillusioned.

Since,  those desires  brings disastrous effects (3.Anartha) ( Anartha = Un + Artha = Does not + Do good = Disastrous effects *) and associated  endless sufferings such are more and more future births, sicknesses, old ages and deaths, because of this Anartha or the adverse disastrous byproducts the attachment creates, the attachment to the body (or any worldly possession  to the matter) is a thing that is to be: disappointed with, by realising the  futileness of those attachments.

Once disappointed you do not get attached . Once not get attached the person gets released from the bond to Samsara.

( * Some Buddhist monks define this as Anaathma (Soul Less) But that does not fit properly in the context and I believe this  mix up of single word Anartha to Anaathma  which led to  misunderstanding and  mis interpretation from original Pali Language is one of the main reasons that for a long time and for some generations it was not possible for people to  properly understand the Thrilakshana and hence realize how to exit from Samsara. As even the most erudite monks could not grasp the total meaning with the wrong word Anaathma placed there instead of the correct word Anartha. For an Example,  it is something like giving a recipe for a cup of tea as Hot water + a Teabag + Salt rather than Hot Water + a Teabag + Sugar )

Or else you can also think this body is made out of 4 elements (Sathara maha butha =  Aapo, thejo Waayo, Patawi) Solids, Liquids, Gases and  Heat.

Once you  achieved enough attention span through breathing meditation practice, then you can keep thinking on the above said  Thrilakshana line even while you are working or driving or  going for a walk, every time you have a moment to contemplate. When ever an another person come in to your eye site or mind as soon as it comes think same about that body too.

(***  There are two impermanence of things you need to realise according to Buddhist theory, first the evident hence easy to grasp impermanence of things such as aging, decay, change  or things does not stay or behave as we like and destruction of living and physical things around us. that is helpful in the beginning in order to reduce attachment.

But for the enlightenment or to escape from matrix , you need to realize a second form of impermanence, the "instant impermanence" this is a big theory which needs more understanding through "Vidarshana" or the analysis process. In the shortest form what I can say is that Lord Buddha said  some thing like this

Every thing in this world instantly appears to you when you look at it . When not observed they  cease to exists therefore every thing is impermanent as you generate it within your own mind at the point of your interaction with it.

" දකින්ට පෙර තිබ්බ නොවේ .. දැක්කට පස්සෙත් තියනවා නොවේ .. අවස්ථාවට උපදවා ගෙන පරිහරණය කරන්නේ .."

 " Ha,, ha,, ..Oh my god !! how can I explain this ? In a few words even the most erudite monks take hours to explain in the deepest of discourses of Buddhism..

Ok think like this.. When you look at yourself  in a Mirror.. The image was not there before you look. When you look only you see it. Once you get away from the mirror it cease to exist yet again you look  in that instant again it is there.

In this holographic world too .. there is some thing like this occurring.. When you look at some thing the image is taken through the eye in to your mind. You interact with that image in your mind and not with the object you think you see in the outside. Your love, your hate , your anger every interaction is happened inside your mind with that holographic image you took in to your mind. In that way you create good or bad karmas. If you realize this truth  and recognize this image as an image in your own mind as same as you do not go to love or hate the image you see in the mirror you become neutral to it. Because you realise it is nothing but only a projection. Nothing in this world can shake you. That is the way to neutralize the influence of the matrix  of Samsara. You stopped interacting by knowing how it operates.   

But due to your ignorance or the dilution or the Avidya you think you are interacting with the outside object you thought you saw. But in reality it already ceased to exist until you look t it again

The object you saw had already vanished just like the your image you saw in the mirror. But since you already have the image in your own processor called mind  you interact with it in your mind and you do not realize it.

For an example in a movie film a projector runs 30 still images per second ,one slightly different from other  through it  so we can see walking talking and moving characters in the film. For a one hour long movie film you run 2 -3 kilometers of film strip in which every frame is slightly different to other and when one frame cease to exist the other come in to view in order to the  film story to run. Yet we do not notice that technical part happening behind the curtain. Similarly every thing around us is an illusion and thus impermanent
See also Holographic Universe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nwz-WwRe3Y )     

That is all you need to do.. and need to know…  

And again I will remind you that Buddha Said the following: “I promise you this, if some one practices this method given here that person depending on his intellectual ability , either minimum within 7 hours , or medium within 7 days or 7 months or else maximum within 7 years will be able to change his mind and attain the realization of Nirvana “ So is the power of these techniques. 

What next.. ?

Keep thinking in the above way at any time you can find a moment to spare. Not only  while you sit and  meditate which usually happen very rare in a practical busy world. But do it when you sit in a train or bus, when you drive to work, when go to sleep or when you eat.

After some time you will begin to get disappointed about,  first your body and subsequently the way the world is set up. Once you get disappointed, you will not get attached. Once the attachment is removed from the mind “ Nacha Kinchi Loke Upadiyathi” Or never creating attachments on any thing in the world , you are liberated.

Now you will understand that, Why..Buddhism teach us that your salvation should be made by yourself through your intellect without waiting for the help from any other force.. Because no one can change your mind except yourself !!!.

You will be free of all worldly bonds. Not even attached to your body. Of course you care about your body better than before in order to maintain, but not to be attached to it, by wrongly thinking this is me and mine. As you clearly begin to  see the difference between the me-consciousness (Vingnana or Naama) and the body  (Ruupa).

Once you removed at least the attachment to the body, (Ruupa) at a letter stage of spiritual enlightenment by using the other 3 remaining methods described in the “Sathipattana Suthra” called “Chittanupassana” “Vedananupassana” and “Dhammanupassana” which are the extensions of the “Kayanupassana” Method given above,  you will learn to remove the attachment to the me-consciousness too (Naama, or the soul conciousness) to become pure-consciousness (Arhath).

Just like the drop of water becoming the whole ocean you merge in to it to that all it is, was and to be. Become one with it . By loosing your identity of self and merging with all  knowing all penetrating existence that is deathless, birth less, suffering less, formless, shapeless, omnipresent, attribute less, and quality less, ever present, pure loving blissful beyond all perceptions manifestation of universe where all Buddhas and Arhaths told that ultimate happiness, peace and bliss is.  

Finally I suggest,  you to do a web search and read more about Sathi Pattana Suthra, Paticchcha Samuppada and Aarya ashtangika Maraga. As I talked and introduced all those Buddhist concepts  very simply in a manner a child could understand it within the context of this writing which, 99% of Buddhist never grasped due to the heavy weight way it is presented to them.  Buddhism is not heavy weight words. It is a practical way of living in this world.


May peace be upon this world !
May all beings are Happy and Well !!
May all beings are infinite boundless, beings of pure light, filled with love compassion and kindness for all other beings, with never occurring a slightest of thought of harming an other being !!!

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4. Every thing in this world instantly appears to you when you look at it . When not observed they  cease to exists therefore every thing is impermanent as you generate it within your own mind at the point of your interaction with it.

" දකින්ට පෙර තිබ්බ නොවේ .. දැක්කට පස්සෙත් තියනවා නොවේ .. අවස්ථාවට උපදවා ගෙන පරිහරණය කරන්නේ .."

දැකීම දකින තැනම ඉතිරි නැතිව අවසන්වේ.ඇසත්,රූප චායාවත් ගැටුන විට චක්ඛු විඤ්ඤානය ඇතිවේ.මේ තුනේ එකතුව චක්ඛුසම්පස්සයයි.මේ ස්පර්ශය පෙර නොතිබී ඇතිවි,ඉතිරි නැතුවම නැතිවේ.මෙයයි අනිත්‍යය.ඇස මම නොවේ.මගෙ නොවේ.රූපය මම නොවේ.මගෙ නොවේ.විඤ්ඤාණය මම නොවේ. මගෙ නොවේ.චක්ඛුසම්පස්සය මම නොවේ.මගේ නොවේ.මෙයයි අනාත්මය.
නමුත් මේ අනිත්‍ය සහ අනාත්ම ස්වභාව නොදන්නා,නොදකිනා ප්‍රතක්ජනයා දකින්නේ මමයි,දකින දෙය පවතී, වශයෙන් ගැනීමෙන් දකින දෙය රැස් කරයි.මේ විදියට අසන,දකින,දැනෙන,සිතන සැම විටම එතන,එතනම ඉතුරු නැතිව නැතිවන බවයි අනිත්‍ය ස්වභාවය.නමුත් අවිද්‍යාව හෙවත් යථාස්වභාවය නොදැනීම,නොදැකීම නිසා අසන,දකින,දැනෙන,සිතන සියල්ලම රැස් කරයි.මේ රැස් කිරීම් තමයි අවිද්‍යා පච්චයා සංඛාර කියන්නෙ.කර්ම රැස් කරනව කියන්නෙ.නැවත නැවතත් දකින,අසන,දැනෙන,සිතන සැම විටම මේ රැස් කිරීම් ඉදිරියට එයි.නැවත,නැවත රැවටෙයි.රැස් කිරීම අලුත් වෙයි.
සරලව සිතන්න මෙතෙක් කල් අසන ලද සියල්ලම මේ මොහොතේ කොහෙද තියෙන්නෙ?දැකපු දේවල් කොහෙද තියෙන්නෙ?දිවට,නාසයට,සමට දැනුන දේවල් කොහෙද තියෙන්නෙ?සිතපු දේවල් කොහෙද තියෙන්නෙ?ඒ සියල්ලම දැන් නැහැනේද?මේ මොහොතේ ඉන්ද්‍රිය ගෝචර වන රූප හැර අනිත් සියල්ලම ඉවරයි.නමුත් ඔබ ඉවර කරලද?මනසේ රැස් කරලද?මෙසේ සැබවින්ම ස්වභාවයෙන්ම නැති දේ සිතේ රදවා ගෙන දුක් විදීම නොවේද ඔබ කරන්නෙ? Copied from Face book  article  written by
Sarath Kohilawaththage 27 September 2015

5 I was stunned when I saw this how is it possible to see the same theory in physics which was told in Buddhist theory 2600 years back and to use the example of mirror to explain it ? How come ?


Taken from  THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE written by Michael Talbot  in 1991

Page 25 

…..To most of us it is obvious that our feelings of love, hunger, anger, and so on, are internal realities, and the sound of an orchestra playing, the heat of the sun, the smell of bread baking, and so on, are external realities. But it is not so clear how our brains enable us to distinguish between the two.  

For example, Pribram points out that when we look at a person, the image of the person is really on the surface of our retinas. Yet we do not perceive the person as being on our retinas. We perceive them as being in the "world-out-there. " Similarly, when we stub our toe we experience the pain in our toe. But the pain is not really in our toe. It is actually a neuro physiological process taking place somewhere in our brain. How then is our brain able to take the multitude of neuro physiological processes that manifest as our experience ,all of which are internal, and fool us into thinking that some are internal and some are located beyond the confines of our gray matter? Creating the illusion that things are located where they are not is the quintessential feature of a hologram.

As mentioned, if you look at a hologram it seems to have extension in space, but if you pass your hand through it you will discover there is nothing there. Despite what your senses tell you, no instrument will pick up the presence of any abnormal energy or substance where the hologram appears to be hovering. This is because a hologram is a virtual image, an image that appears to be where it is not, and possesses no more extension in space than does the three-dimensional image you see of yourself when you look in a mirror. Just as the image in the mirror is located in the silvering on the mirror's back surface, the actual location of a hologram is always in the photographic emulsion on the surface of the film recording it……Page 25  THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE  by Michael Talbot (ISBN 0 586 09171 8) HarperCollins Publishers1991

Read the book online here


6 Page 31  
by Michael Talbot (ISBN 0 586 09171 8)
HarperCollins Publishers1991

As for Pribram, by the 1970s enough evidence had accumulated to
convince him his theory was correct. In addition, he had taken his ideas
into the laboratory and discovered that single neurons in the motor
cortex respond selectively to a limited bandwidth of frequencies, a
finding that further supported his conclusions. The question that
began to bother him was, If the picture of reality in our brains is not
a picture at all but a hologram, what is it a hologram of? The dilemma
posed by this question is analogous to taking a Polaroid picture of a
group of people sitting around a table and, after the picture develops,
finding that, instead of people, there are only blurry clouds of interference
patterns positioned around the table. In both cases one could
rightfully ask, Which is the true reality, the seemingly objective world
experienced by the observer/photographer or the blur of interference
patterns recorded by the camera/brain?

Pribram realized that if the holographic brain model was taken to
its logical conclusions, it opened the door on the possibility that objective
reality—the world of coffee cups, mountain vistas, elm trees, and
table lamps—might not even exist, or at least not exist in the way we
believe it exists.
Was it possible, he wondered, that what the mystics
had been saying for centuries was true, reality was maya, an illusion,
and what was out there was really a vast, resonating symphony of
wave forms, a "frequency domain" that was transformed into the
world as we know it only after it entered our senses?
Realizing that the solution he was seeking might lie outside the
province of his own field, he went to his physicist son for advice. His
son recommended he look into the work of a physicist named David
Bohm. When Pribram did he was electrified. He not only found the
answer to his question, but also discovered that according to Bohm,
the entire universe was a hologram.

Perhaps most astonishing of all is that there is compelling evidence
that the only time quanta ever manifest as particles is when we are
looking at them. For instance, when an electron isn't being looked at,
experimental findings suggest that it is always a wave. Physicists are
able to draw this conclusion because they have devised clever strategies
for deducing how an electron behaves when it is not being observed
(it should be noted that this is only one interpretation of the
evidence and is not the conclusion of all physicists; as we will see,
Bohm himself has a different interpretation).
Once again this seems more like magic than the kind of behavior we
are accustomed to expect from the natural world. Imagine owning a
bowling ball that was only a bowling ball when you looked at it. If you
sprinkled talcum powder all over a bowling lane and rolled such a
"quantum" bowling ball toward the pins, it would trace a single line
through the talcum powder while you were watching it. But if you
blinked while it was in transit, you would find that for the second or
two you were not looking at it the bowling ball stopped tracing a line
and instead left a broad wavy strip, like the undulating swath of a
desert snake as it moves sideways over the sand (see fig. 7).
Such a situation is comparable to the one quantum physicists encountered
when they first uncovered evidence that quanta coalesce
into particles only when they are being observed. Physicist Nick Herbert,
a supporter of this interpretation, says this has sometimes
caused him to imagine that behind his back the world is always "a
radically ambiguous and ceaselessly flowing quantum soup. " But
whenever he turns around and tries to see the soup, his glance instantly
freezes it and turns it back into ordinary reality. He believes
this makes us all a little like Midas, the legendary king who never
knew the feel of silk or the caress of a human hand because everything
he touched turned to gold. "Likewise humans can never experience the
true texture of quantum reality, " says Herbert, "because everything
we touch turns to matter. "

මුළු පඨවි ධාතුවම, ‘මුළු පොළොවම බිත්තියක් නම්’, ‘බිත්තිය වැහෙන්නම චිත්රයක් ඇන්දොත්’ - මේ ඇහෙන් බලන කොට ස්වාමීන්වහන්සේලාට චිත්රයක් පෙනෙයි. නමුත් පඨවිය පෙනෙන්නේ නැහැ.

හැබැයි ඔය පෙනෙන චිත්රයේ ඕනෑම වස්තුවක් අල්ලන්න අත දාන්න. මේ පෙනෙන ඕනෑම තැනකට අත දැම්මොත්, මේ අත හැපෙන්නේ ගිහිල්ලා මේ පඨවියේ, මේ බිත්තියේ මිසකපෙනිච්ච දේ නෙවෙයි’.

එතකොට මෙන්න මේ මුළු පොළොවම එක්ම එක් පඨවි සංඥාවෙන් වැඩුවොත්, බිත්තියේ චිත්රය ඇන්දා වගේපඨවිය තියෙන තැනක චිත්රය දැන් පිහිටලා තියෙන්නේ නම්’ - චිත්ර දකින ගානේ අපේ මනසේ මනුස්සයෝ, පුද්ගලයෝ, ගෙවල්දොරවල් කියන අදහස් එයි. මුළු බිත්තිය වැහෙන්නම ඇඳපු චිත්රය තියෙනවා, බිත්තිය පෙනෙන්නේ නැහැ. චිත්රය දකින කොට ගංගා, මනුස්සයෝ, කපුටෝ, ගෙවල්දොරවල් කියන අදහස් අපිට එයි.නමුත් තිට්ඨන්ති චිත්රානි තථෙව ලොකෙ - ලෝකයේ චිත්ර ටිකක් තියෙයි. සංකප්ප රාගො පුරිසස්ස කාමො - පුරුෂයාගේ මනස තුළයි කාමය. ගෙවල්-දොරවල්, කපුටෝ, ළිං, මිනිස්සු, ඉර, හඳ ඔක්කෝම - මනසේ.  

මේ වගේ මේ මුළු පෘථිවියම වැහෙන්න චිත්රයක් නම් මේ ඇඳලා තියෙන්නේ,..... --- මාන්කඩවල සුදස්සන හිමි

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